BGMC 18 | GravTank

A new figure in history has appeared, but not a good one, his name is Warlord- He threatens the balance of earth with his great military factory. The Agency of Federation, or the AF needs you to take an experimental drone called the GravTank into this factory and destroy it no matter the cost -

“Peace is right, even when you must turn left to achieve it” - Mark SePhen, Founder of the Agency of federation

Important info
-on menu use Up/down arrow keys, and use Spacebar to press

  • blender 2.75a
    -Shift stabilizes tank
    -“R” reorients the turret
  • you can change gravity mid-flight (giving the appearance of flying)

Have fun, and if you have any issues post them here and I will fix them

The best of luck to everyone participating


Awesome. I love the concept. I find hitting the correct part is really hard. I really have to work to line up the shots.
I also find the field of view isn’t quite enough.

But it’s very impressive for just a week.

The field of view, yes. It must be bigger. The sounds are pretty funny, but sad that there aren’t gunshot sounds. Personally, I am not fan of this graphics style, but you made it look good enaugh aswell as not lag at all:)

Thanks for the suggestions, If I have time tonight (I don’t know if I do) I will work on it. but I am happy to hear there are not any game breaking bugs.

Oh, what is more - you wanna smooth out the aiming. Maybe even use mouselook. Aswell as add TPS camera to it(just parent camera to the behind of turret keeping some distance.

There is a tps- I knew I forgot to mention some thing just press 3/4 to toggle between them.

I fixed some problems, I think… I hope its better.

I added sound for your gun, and increased the Fov, I think.

Have fun


Hi fred, access dinied on that link…
Looking forward to trying it out.

Here this one should work now (fingers crossed)

Edit: While retesting my game again I realized that the gun noise is very faint- I may not have time to fix that until next week unfortunately.