BGMC 18 | Infinno Fall

This game is like a infinite runner but your falling and you have to avoid objects and try to get the highest score

Logic is 90% Done

Graphics are 10% done


The Game wip .blend BGMC_18_Game.blend (934 KB) Not updated to the video one yet

Will you add a ragdoll? This could be quite amusing if it hits objects on the way down.

@Thatimster The problem with have a ragdoll is that the way I have it set up the player is not falling the level is moving past the player not the player move past the level :frowning:

in that case just make a general flailing-arms-flying animation for when he gets hit.

You could turn off gravity in the world settings and it should still work right? Eitherway looks great so far, i guess you will have to factor in how much time you have left.

I know a way you can have an “infinity” level creator using Logic bricks; If you have the walls and the beams spawn First with a timer for self kill and for the beams have a 2nd Sensor to a new and for the kill that looks for a hit with a prop name.
No if you have a 2nd player with the same speed as the player for up down left and Right you can have it moved with Random Logic that would carve a path throw the Beams/and obstacles that the player can fallow making the game a stamina or A High Score Game. For the fake player path maker you’d want A random Sensor for Up and A Random Sensor for Down using different#numbers and the same thing for the Left and Right. If it has Zero gravity and bounces on the Walls it Will work. You could have it spawn the cones Too for the player to see the best path to use.
I used this for a 2D space shooter some time ago, it was Fun. :smiley:

Can we inter two Games in this Contest; I feel like makeing something like My old space Game in to a proper playable game with scores or something. And I already Have The Game I’ve Been working one for know that’s all most done?

Joshua, I think you can, but it is difficult. I(as usually) lack of time even for a single game, lol.