BGMC 18 | Planet 18

The theme for BGMC 18 was announced and its Gravity.
Here is something many of us will need in this challenge:ChangeGravity.blend (408 KB)
You can chat with me and other devs during the challenge >here<

I have done some thinking and drawing and now I know what kind of a game its going to be. You play a <insert character type here> on a small planet called Planet 18 (because its BGMC 18) and your goal is to shoot at others with rockets. Since the planet is small you wont be able to see or aim directly at others, instead you will have to use gravity to help you.

More updates will come once the competition starts on Saturday and I begin modeling and scripting.

Today is Saturday here so I started making something, this is what I got so far:

Wow! Of to a great start! Looks very atmospheric and interesting already! Little bit like and I like that :smiley:

Hehe, I like

That’s a really nice art style keep it up

The game I started making was not fun to play so I put it to the side and started again. Here is a screenshot from the game right now:

I will also use a modified version of this image that I did not create.