[BGMC 19] Light Knight

We are done!
Otto001 and I created this game for the BGMC 19!
It turned out as quite a challenging concept, but we made it till the deadline!


Light Knight is a small dungeon crawler/fighting game, kind of like Dark Souls meeting Cube World.
Our main focus was on the animations and a balanced and skill based combat system. We wanted the game to be challenging, I hope it is playable, we didn�t have time to balance it a lot for now.

little Walkthrough

Here are some more Screens

and an outdated Dev-log to give you an Idea of the game

There�s no real objective yet, we might continue development after the bgmc, but for now you just try to stay alive for as long as possible. Kill many Creatures without dying and post your Highscores down below, I will add them to the List.

TOP TEN Players

  • XtheSchnitzel (19 Kills)
  • Blenderrendersky (15 Kills)
  • AdriansNetlis (8 Kills)
  • TimDrew (7 Kills)

If you have anything you think we should change, please tell us!
Please tell us how the game runs on your PC


Looks very good. Love the animations for the character and enemy types. Also nice atmosphere. Hope to see updates for it. Maybe even make it a semi-real game?

It runs ok on my machine at about 45-60 fps, however the actions were not packaged with the .blend, I looked for them, but they don’t appear to be in the file.

Oh ok! I’m gonna look into that today. That shouldn’t happen, thanks for telling me.

Did I see a very big bonfire from dark souls at 1.26? x)
The characters and the enviroment looks very nice and you really nailed the combat system!
Maybe change the camera movement so that it does not follow one side of the player all the time?

There is a freecam mode, which is kinda bad at the moment, but allows to rotate around the character.

Got me a troll! :smiley:

They are fun to just dodge and troll. Stupid things :smiley:

Ok if the animations are not working for you, please open the game in blender 2.75, they should be working there!

My highscore so far is 7 xD

Little walkthrough of the finished game :smiley: