BGMC 19 - Sprayer

Complete game - Again sorry for my bad english

Models are made in Blender, textures are made in Gimp (some models have only material color)
This game doesn´t have sound - I dont have time (My family plan to go to grandparrents… maybe from 27.12 - so i
can´t answer on some questions…)

This is my first file post here - I hope so it work…

Have fun, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Screenshots? :yes:


Just had a quick play of this. Nice job! Played well :slight_smile:

The camera is a little weird but I guess it would be a bit easy if you could move the camera.

Thank you, I do “don’t move camera” because levels are very small and if camera can be move, can be see end of map and it’s not good

Made a little Let´s Play.
Hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

Thank you for lets´play :slight_smile: . I see it…