BGMC 20| F-escape

Hi, here is my contribution to the BGMC 20 (F) must escape and in the way he stands a bunch of robots and it won’t be easy with them, If you survive…get in the car and fly away.

recommendations-warning :
if you repeat the game, end of the main menu and run the game again, otherwise the camera will not work (script bug?)
also Toon line shader has a problem at the start of the game.
The game is created in Blender version 2.70a, in case of any problems with the run the game, use this version please.
…almost the entire game mechanics is created with Logic Bricks.
-use arrow key to fly the car

…enjoy this short game!!:slight_smile:

Download (9.8MB) :


Nice! It looks like interesting game.
I’ll try out it when pack gets released and than rate gameplay;)

Hi Bishop, where’s the download?
I’d like to try it out before the end of the contest so I can give some feedback (in case you want to fix any bugs or anything).

Thanks guys,:slight_smile: Smoking, I had some problems with uploading.
This game is in the style - go and shoot, nothing complicated.

Hi, I’m using Blender 2.76b.
At first it didn’t work well (none of the animations played so you couldn’t aim the gun).
After messing around with it a bit I found that setting the idle animation layer to 8 or 9 would fix the problem. after that aiming and walking animations play fine.

The game looks great, but I died a lot so far.
I can shoot the robots but hitting them makes them move and I have to adjust my aim. That’s maybe a good gameplay point, but I can’t run and there’s not really any way to avoid the robots who rapid fire me to death within seconds.

Any tips on how I can live long enough to get to the end? :smiley:

Hi Smoking_mirror , I’m glad that you fix for 2.76b.
Yeah, I set those robots deliberately, so you can pass through but you survive with really few health.
That’s how the robots move, when you’re shooting into them is great:evilgrin:
There is one way how you can walk and keep more health:)–so good…stay more at the(left) wall when you go to those last two robots.

Ok. I’ll try it tomorrow. :slight_smile:

This looks awesome!

Where can i download it? Thanks.

Can i see the source file too?

Thanks,…download link is in the first post the source file is just a blend…enjoy this short game

Guys,…praise my game, not another games page:D:D

‘‘Horror game I think’’ …:smiley:

This is the first pretty nice toon shader BGMC game…Yeah, hard enough to play:D:p