BGMC 21 All Games Pack.

Here you can download and play all the games made for the Blender Game Making Contest 21.

You can get the games here!

Yay! Would it be too much to ask for a list of links to each individual game thread?

Well, since I ended up with the first post and wanted to find all the threads anyway, here’s just such a list (no particular order):

By the way, if anyone has any trouble with the ants in The Queen’s Workers being a little too buggy (I’m sorry), then try the patched version linked on the thread. </shameless plug>

Wow 53.8MB is a fantastically small amount compared to the ~700MB from last time!
Looking forward to playing through these :smiley:

I teach Blender to high school students & being able to show them these submissions is golddust!
Thank you SO much.
Are previous years’ submissions available anywhere? I’ve had a google but cant find anything. :frowning:
Is there ANY chance you could do the same for the other year’s submissions.
It would be so awesome if you could?! :slight_smile:

ManchesterBudo, Hereis the forum search that turns up a crap-ton of BGMC games. It goes all the way back to BGMC 8

Edit: Yeah, it wasn’t working… I put the link in again. If it still doesn’t work just search ‘BGMC’ in the upper right hand corner.

That link doesn’t work for me. No idea why I checked (maybe to see all of my terrible games from earlier competitions)