BGMC 21 | Below the surface: Метрополитен

Hello! Looking to make an FPS survival horror game, and though incredibly ambitious for a week-long competition, hoping to have dialogue/cutscenes/a story and all that.

Plot: As you and a small group of survivors investigate an abandoned Russian metro line, you’re ambushed by unknown mutated creatures and are the sole survivor.

-Basic player motion,
-90% of gun mechanics + gun model
-Enemy model + animation and simple tracking behaviour
-Some textures

To do:
-Start level design
-Lots of other stuff I can’t think of right now


Your game sounds interesting and ambitious, good luck!
I haven’t really thought of a game idea for this BGMC that I like, would you be interested in collaborating with me on this game? I could create assets and help in development if you’d be interested in working together.

Hey! As much as I appreciate the offer for to help, I’d prefer to go at this alone… not really one for teams.

Okay, good luck on the project, I’m excited to see the final game!

Update time:
Progress is being made at a reasonable pace, despite hitting roadblock after roadblock…

Also a bit disappointed at how it’s turning out, for example:
Level design has no specific direction, barely resembles a metro, enemies resemble quadrupedal gingerbread men, and sound design is amateurish at best.
On top of that, gun combat is stiff and awkward, and the enemy Ai is broken (this is what’s wearing me down the most)

…the next two days will decide whether or not I make it before the deadline

Good luck! Enemy AI are a pain to deal with 9/10 times, even just to get animations and stuff right. If nothing works I recommend stripping the AI down to its bare roots (like just path finding) and then adding the extra stuff again afterwards.

Did that, though it wasn’t easy…
So much stuff to go through, the way my AI works is they each have their own Health properties, so every enemy I add I have to go through this…

…and change the property titles across several bricks

The latest wall that I’ve run into was that the enemies would damage you even if they were dead, (in their ‘dead’ state) then with that fixed, when one died, the other wouldn’t damage you. After that was fixed, they would both hurt you regardless of which state they were in until both were defeated…

Turns out all I had to do was give them each their own “Collision” sensor… anyway, the ai is pretty much done for now.
Not sure what I’ll work on next…

Also outside of the BGMC, I’ve been playing a whole lot of Destruction Derby 2 on PS1, love that game.
Hopefully that explains the lack of progress/updates

Keep going! Don’t give up! :slight_smile:
I used to use logic bricks a lot, but one day I just couldn’t bear scrolling up and down the lines trying to find out what went wrong. So many projects just abandoned because I couldn’t really debug them.

oh wow. that is a mess. lol. iḿ so glad i learned some python, best thing i ever did for my (blender) life.