BGMC 21 | Lost in the Cave

Here is the .blend, it is not finished

1- PickAxe (press Lmouse to use)
2- Shovel (Press LMouse to use)
3- Knife (Press RMouse to use)

anything you can effect (except gems) are not textured, they just have a material color.

Edit: there is only one level, and you can’t win it- problems with not having enough time. I was hoping for more puzzles and stuff.

Hi Fred, I think you forgot to pack the textures.
It’s pretty nice though. I like the animations, you’ve improved a lot in that area.

Congratulation for another successful participation. keep on.

As soon as I saw responses I remembered that I didn’t pack the textures- later I will put the packed version. (I’ve been sick and busy, making me a bit absentminded)

I fixed the .blend (the original post has the updates version)