BGMC 21 - Subterranean Night, Refined

I went to work on the entry today and made quite a few adjustments. So far, the only thing that is stumping me is that the generator is not killing me at times when it drains me of my shield. Other than that, I did some major work in the cockpit layout, brightened the cave texture, added textures to objects that lacked any, made the enemies harder to kill, slowed down the player bullets, made the player ship a bit faster and replaced the numeric shield with a health-bar set up. The level is coming along, thanks for the suggestions. I know there are still some bugs to squish but, it’s a lot better than the first offering. Don’t forget to download the textures with the game. I’m still open to suggestions. :slight_smile:

That link doesn’t work.
Also, I’d advise editing your original thread.

The link works fine for me.

you got it set to private then? link does not work for me either.

Yeah, I don’t have a dropbox account so I can’t download it maybe…

Yeah, I think the problem is that you have to have a dropbox account. Is there any way I can just upload my files directly to this forum?

Okay, I think I have the proper link now. Sorry about the mix up.

Ah, now the death works, but it seems like a lot of the textures are incorrectly packed, or linked.

Don’t worry, there’s time to fix it and upload again.
I personally don’t like packing my textures because this sort of thing has happened to me several times before and I couldn’t work out how to avoid it. So I make a game folder and an assets folder inside of that. Then I put all my assets in there and my blend in the root of the game folder. It keeps everything tidy and stops stuff getting lost or missed out.

Also you may want to upload a screenshot in your first post, it will show up in the finished games forum as a preview of your game. it helps people to have an idea of what they are playing.

Thank you Smoking_mirror. :slight_smile: That’s really good advice, I shouldn’t have packed my textures. The process you described sounds safer.