BGMC 21 | The Shadows

Placeholder for BGMC 21. In this game you will need to fight shadows underground with a flashlight. can’t wait to start, and hope you guys like it!:smiley:

Sounds good.

here is some pics

working on ai

it looks nice, but my first though was:

maybe you may set the camera a little deeper

what do you mean by set the camera a little deeper?

sorry i meant lower, not deeper. english is not my motherlanguage. in german there is one word for both meanings and the meaning is given within the context.

It looks interesting, my only crit is how jagged the cave walls are. In real life, running water would have smoothed them out - but the bigger problem is that if your floor is that uneven you probably won’t be able to generate a navmesh, which I assume you need for your shadow characters.
Good luck!

no problem i will do that.

you are right, i will smooth it out a bit, thanks.

ew. but i can see where you get that. maybe we should make a simulator…

@Scalia. Uhh. This company already does endoscopy using the BGE. The screen on the right in the picture is what I spent several months working on.

@Josh (can I just call you josh rather than J05HU4? No offense, but your username seems slightly like a password…)
Nice work on the caves, however very often caves aren’t round. They often have flat bits at the bottom. This will also make it easier for people to walk through them

how is this

and yes, you can call me Josh

Consider putting a different texture on the floor. Here I’ve used vertex color to put sand on the bottom of a passage:

Sandcave.blend (1.14 MB)

Also, feel free to ignore my suggestions. It is your game that you are making.

i like yours and everyone elses suggestions, and i want to make it look as real as possible. so please, keep giving me suggestions

@sdfgeoff lol. thats actually reallycool

Agreed, this looks great! reminds me of the caves near the ocean. The game looks great so far :smiley: maybe some more rocks and stuff between the wall and ground might work, but this depends on what style you want.

it is getting much better now, cant wait to see the game. if you got enough time, different types of dirt might be a good idea, but gameplay first. everything else is an option.

Thanks for the help, I have never used vertex color or material nodes before. I looked up a few tuts and referenced your .blend and here’s what I got.

and what do you guys think of this

boss shadow

Working on ai and animations for the boss. The room is not done.