Bgmc 21~ winners!

The BGMC 21 is over and I can now announce the winners![INDENT=2]1st place:
sdfgeoff and PPski; Cave x16

2nd place:
[I][B]VScalia (ARadish), Gandalf3 , and X-27
(and GiantCowFilms)
; The Queen’s Workers.

(joint) 3rd Place:
pqftgs; Basement Dweller
JO5HU4.blend; The shadows.[/B][/I]

If you haven’t already done so you should go and check out their games on the finished games forum!

Prizes from our sponsors, CG Cookie and Blend4Web go to sdfgeoff, for his winning game, Cave x16.
You can show your appreciation for their generous prizes by going and checking them out at the links above.

CG Cookie Prize

Hey there,

This sounds really cool. Count CG Cookie into sponsoring a year Pro subscription to Cg Cookie. Valued $239.
Additionally, I can hep spread the word by adding this thread to the feature row, and sharing on BA’s social channels. Thanks for helping organize this and excited to see how it goes.
Wes Burke
CEO, CG Cookie

Blend 4 Web Prize


We noticed that Blend4Web games are allowed to participate in the current gamedev contest!

We would like to join sponsors and offer $150 (cash) plus 15% discount on Blend4Web PRO to the winner, no matter whether he or she chooses the BGE or Blend4Web.

Blend4Web Team

Prizes of tutorials and game assets from me, adriansnetlis, and also sdfgeoff will also be awarded.

Congratulations to all the winners, and especially sdfgeoff.
I look forward to BGMC 22, which he will hopefully be hosting some time soon(ish).

All the games were great though, and I enjoyed playing each and every one. Thanks to everyone for taking part!

I’d like to also say I really enjoyed Basement Dweller, a great little game that shows you don’t have to make an epic to entertain people. I’d love to see more games like that.

Did anyone find all the Easter eggs?

No one has messaged me yet with a list…

EDIT: Added all the team member for the queen’s workers and Cave X16 to the first post. You guys all deserve a credit!
(I’m too lazy to redraw the medals though :stuck_out_tongue: )

Congrats to the winners. Was a great competition with lots of awesome games!
Very well organized by Smoking_mirror :smiley:
Looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for the votes everyone. There were some strong entries in this competetion, and I think overall it has been one of the best.
A round of applause to Smoking_mirror for organizing it, and thanks to Thatimster for organizing the CG cookie prize.

I am now in the weird place of having offered the winner two hours of assistance with a project…

keep your word. help yourself.

Where can we play these games?
I didn’t see a link.

well done to everyone.

You can download them here.