BGMC 23 Results (finally)

Congratulations to all participants and to Thatimster for organizing the event!
For me it was great pleasure to be part of this contest.

Congratulations BluePrintRandom.
I have a big problem. Ubge does not show any textures and everything is black and white (not just your game). I wanted to open your blend with bge 2.78a but … Blender crashe when opening the blend file. I guess it is not compatible anymore.

indeed, my bad, well the black and white part is correct :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats to everyone who participated! wish I could’ve finished mine but I wasn’t happy with where it was going. Hopefully next time!

I had no problems playing any of the games in the download package. Perhaps the judge needs a 15 year old to show them how. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: Kidding. Congrats too all.

Played many of the games, great entries!

I like the judge comments and especially Monster’s comments (he put Monster in all the games, very funny haha).

Nice job :slight_smile: Can’t wait for the next BGMC.

I wasn’t inspired by the them or lack of one, So I ended up just staring at a blank screen for many hours and went on for many days and never made anything for this-one, Sorry guys.
Nice work all

In general I’m very sorry that I’m not able to play the BGMC games. The screenshots and the blend files looked very promising.

I really do not want to give bad score because I can’t see something that can be judged (white screens and gray-scaled scaled levels do not even show any in-game text). Running the game with BGE partly allows to check the game play. Graphics (and textures) have major impact on game play and story telling. I tried it with the hope to provide a little input, but it is not fair to do it that way. The graphics is different.

I’m a bit worried as it seams I’m the only one with such issues (No, I do not want to solve it in this thread).

I think this is a integrated graphics problem, it might be worth mentioning the issue to the UPBGE team thread and seeing if they know why its doing that.

Just for everyone else, monsters votes were not included for the games he couldn’t play (only the scores from the other judges were taken).