BGMC 23 Results (finally)

The long awaited BGMC 23 results are here!

Announcement video:

Feedback and ratings:
Monster’s comments for each game:

Hope you all learnt lots regardless of placings :slight_smile:

1st place:
The long way home - CG sky

2nd place:
City of Time - Nicholas_A

3rd place:
The hole - Smoking_mirror

Honorable mentions(4th, 5th, 6th):
Knights of Suzanne, Ravensfood, Meltdown

We will be in contact with the prize winners.
Hope you all enjoyed this BGMC and learnt a lot!

Looking forward to BGMC 24 hosted by CG sky :smiley:

If you want to stay up to date with announcements for BGMC we have a facebook group here:

Thank you for your effort in hosting the competition.:evilgrin:

awesome inspiring! the results were more educational then the actual game design experience ;). Strange that it took so long for the judgement, well congrats to the winner CG sky in any case.

And thank you to the judges for detailed feedback!

Congratulations to the winners!
Thanks to Thatimster for running the contest anc to the judges for their detailed feedback.

I took note of the issues pointed out and made an updated version of my game which I’ll release soon.

Thanks to all the contestants for taking part! :slight_smile:

Thanks for organising this and congrats to the winners and participants!

Was just wondering was the 61% penalty on my game related to filesize, or did I miss some other rule?

Tons of great feedback! I see a lot of ways I can improve now that I didn’t notice before. Haha, I like how Monster put himself in all the games. It was worth the wait just to see those :slight_smile:

Congratz CG sky, Red Frost, and Smoking_mirror and great job to everyone that submitted! Thank you judges and host Timster. I had fun, and I’m looking forward to entering again.

Just file size! your game compressed in .zip was 111mb. The limit was 50mb so the penalty was the remaining 61mb (1% penalty per mb over the limit).

Aha, makes sense. Will keep an eye out for that in future!

Looking forward to the next bgmc, can’t wait to smash another game out!

I agree completely with the judges,

I did not have enough time to code, art, animate, plan etc and finish in time :smiley:

Great Job All

Congrats on a great bgmc!

Congratulations to all participants, quality entries overall, and so many!
I apologize it took so long for me to review them, but I had my reasons :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks to Thatimster for hosting the competition.

Grats to all nice entries.


The other games are upbge games. For whatever reason this games show just white screens or somethign that is not really usable.

Had that problem with a blend of my own. took me a minute to solve, upbge has only glsl function (standard on) if you open the blend in bge it cant make a choice and you get a white screen, simply turn it on GLSL and everything should work (except active_events upbge uses activeInputs instead).

Wow that was a fantastic overview, and I really appreciate all of the comments I received. Thank you for the great judging and hosting, and I can’t wait to see what happens next time around.

Thanks, I took note of everything and will surely make my next one EVEN BETTER ( I promise I’ll win next time :wink: )

So monster never even played my game?

Dude, you just had to make sure it was in glsl =|

So monster never even played my game?

Dude, you just had to make sure it was in glsl =|

if i remember correctly monster said, you game was black with a few lines, i had the same thing, trashed it within a minute, because yours was no glsl problem. and he did play as i remember correctly and he pointed it out to you :stuck_out_tongue:

#edit @ 19 second in the #1 post/video thats yours, it did not look like that at all, all your textures where black.

His read up and overview said he was unable to play it*

oh u guys just wait i’ll be back. I’ll get you all on the next one. lol congrats on the win guys.

Wow what a great and interesting contest! Everyone who participated did so well, and I’m really surprised by the sheer amount of original games that resulted from this Bgmc.

Huge thanks to thatimster as well, who really raised the bar in terms of BGMC hosting. It’s gonna be tough to follow this up.

Also a great thank you to the judges, who went through all the games and gave some very honest and helpful feedback.

And to anyone who is sad that they didn’t win, Take it as a chance to learn. From your game and from the other games that you liked. Making a game in a week is all about sacrifice. Sacrificing a lot of your freetime. Sacrificing game ideas if they are too big in scope. Sacrificing features to get the game finished.
None of your games is a “fail”, each time you participate at this challenge you will get much better. Everyone who participated at this contest already won.

I’m hoping to see you in Bgmc 24. I’ve got some ideas already, so be sure to stay up to date in the forums :smiley:

I’m also quite confused, that Monster wasn’t able to play my game. I provided a .exe file, and a blend along with the correct version of upbge as a zip file. So no installing is needed, and everything should work great.
Even for Linux it should work, as a Linux friend said you can quite easily open .exe files on Linux.