BGMC 23 | Silent House

Finally! After One week(and one day) of mind bending, intense coding, blood sweating, lectures missing, brain storming, None sleeping, props making sound tweaking game making session ii finally have something to show.This will officially be my first complete game ever and i can’t wait to have you play it :smiley:
This game is hugely inspired by the now canceled Silent Hills Playable Teaser (P.T)
Blender Render Sky’s (or is it CG Sky?) version of P.T was a major motivation and reference for this.
I cant begin to describe how much i’ve learnt in making this very ambitious little project in one week! i’m actually quite surprised i could get this far.
I’m gonna give you guys one or more days to figure it out yourself before i post a walkthrough gamwplay ( pfft who am i kidding)

Anyways here’s the download link.
At the moment it’s just blend files start with start.blend

have fun… and tell me what you think?
acknowledgement: bathroom sink originally by blendswap user Jay-Artist
some sfx where gotten from CG sky’s silent hills corridor demo. a few others randomly from the net(freesound, soundbible etc)
I actually made about 70% of the entire sound myself:yes: yup, +99 level up achievement :p. almost all models where made from scratch by me


Don’t forget to post a screenshot :slight_smile:

there you go :slight_smile:

What blender (or UPBGE) version was this made with?

vanilla blender. 2.78a. hey i just noticed that in one of the .blend i didn’t properly link the next .blend. can i fix that? I mean i already did and updated the file in my drive. if it’s against the rules then let me know so i downgrade it back

Very interesting game. I don’t know if I got it all, I was just in the one room, went to the bathroom, lights flickered, came out some more messages, then I pressed space to jump on the bed and a ghost came out and I died.

Tried again, every time I press space the ghost appears.

Tried again, everything went black after I dropped the lamp, pressed space. Died again.

Really nice effect on the scary girl ghost by the way. Looks amazing!

Good job on the game i really enjoyed this one alot :eek::slight_smile:

I noticed one error tho the left top korner i always get stuck.

thanks guys @Smoking_mirror the space thing was supposed to be a joke since the intro tells you to press space to start. was gonna make it more random but ran out of time. @TheVoid755 glad you enjoyed it. where exactly is the top left corner you’re referring? maybe describe it with reference to something so i can check it out.

I quite like it.

This was made using the game engine?

thank you. yes it was. blender 2.78a to be precise