BGMC 23| The Demon's key

Guard: “I can cut you a deal; We need your help”

The demon king has taken control of the world, and the only way to defeat him is to get the Demon Key, go to the front door of the castle and destroy him. You must find money and kill monsters to get money for the Demon key and magic abilities. Explore around and meet people to hear their thoughts on what is happening in the world.

Final Version (this link should be right) Blender version 2.78

I hope you like it. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to tell me.

Thanks for viewing, Good luck to everyone :slight_smile:


p.s. I am going to be away from my computer tomorrow, but I may be able to check

I just realized that I didn’t set up a lighting system on the game (it was just a hemisphere :slight_smile: ) So here is an updated version with better lighting.

final version

Good luck again to everyone. Sorry about the second download.

please report any bugs (or stupid mistakes)

Just replace the link in the post with the new one!

Nice work managing to finish before everyone else :slight_smile:
Looking forward to playing through this one!

EDIT: Could you mention what engine it was created with? (blender v2.78 or 2.77 or other?)

Thanks, I didn’t think about that stuff :). I had to finish because I don’t have anymore time. It is in blender v2.78. I will fix the link right now. If I have time today (probably not) I will consider adding one more enemy to the mix.

Don’t kill me :slight_smile: let the new enemies in my game do it. Here is the next (and probably final update, unless I have bugs in my game).

I’ve added the bats in (I was concerned because their AI is more advanced than the other enemies)

I personally enjoy the game better now, with more depth from the new enemy. (I will update the above link).

I mentioned this in my WIP, but wanted to credit this person for the Dynamic text on the final version. Here is the link

Looking forward to playing your game! From what i can see, your artstyle had definitely improved over the last few bgmcs :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy, i’m looking forward to playing the rest of the games.

found a minor bug, in the end when the winning picture shows up the “mana” bar covers it, just press Q,E,X to clear it out and then you can read it.

Hi Fred, I really enjoyed your game.
Every time you enter the competition you improve a lot. I really liked the enemies, they had a lot of character.

There’s a base for a pretty nice little RPG here.

How many coins do I need to buy the demon key by the way? I got 100 and he still wouldn’t sell it so I gave up at that point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I was going to mention that as a spoiler, it is actually 150- and he will take all of your money above that point. The price was pretty steep, but I didn’t realize it until too late.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wish I had more time to work on it (I was busy Mon-Wed. and Saturday, so I spent around 6 hours between Thursday and Friday)

Ok, I’ll give it another try and see if I can get 150 gold.

Eventually the enemies start spawning a lot, and if you find the shooters they drop double- and this means if they stack on each other you can get a lot of gold.

also the farthest house (not by the church) has around 12 gold if you leave and come back- I left a couple easy money making strategies, just in case :slight_smile:

Yes, I noticed that the enemies were spawning in stacks, so there was a pile of like 4 purple blobs… and the shooters spawned on top of each other but facing different ways.
If you want to avoid this there are a few yechniques you can use.

I was working on them, but I just ran out of time (it used to be a lot worse- like stacking new blobs every second). I figured it doesn’t break the game, and it’s not to hard to overcome, and it makes it easier to make money.

Hi fredstash,
very polished game, didn´t find any bugs or glitches.
Liked the earth power, so that you can jump very high, if this was intended.
The game reminded me a bit of Zelda.
150 coins is to much for the ending, go with 100 or so.
nice game.)

Yes the Earth was not intended to do that- but it’s too fun to change. and I didn’t play through the game completely before the end (whoops) so I didn’t know 150 was too much.

Hello fredstash

Congratulation for finished game. It was nice to play it even when I could not find out how much the enough money is (without cheating ;)).

I suggest to post a little manual here for future reverence.

Thank you


Here is a quick manual. It may be missing things.

Be aware that it contains spoilers:

Thanks for the play through everyone.

Definitely gave me the sp00ks. The music was great and the little blue enemies are hilarious, great how they wait to turn until you get close. I couldn’t really follow the storyline after long but it’s really interesting.