BGMC 24 | Bounty-hunt - Escape!

Hello everyone! This is my game entry made for the BGMC 24. I had lot of fun during these 7 days. The bend file itself was only 13mb, but the zipped runtime file is 52mbs (don’t ask me how) The Story: You are playing as Mr.B, the CEO of a big software company, called Giantsoft. You are developing a software which would be used for tracking everybody on the Earth. Of course there are thousands of people who are trying to stop this to happen. A freedom fighter group orders a Bounty-hunter to kill you. Your job is to escape. Since this is my first finished project ever, you should’t avait the best game, but I am really happy with the end result. The game was created with Blender 2.77a and builds on multiple choice system, this is what I have learned to create in these 7 days. All content in the game was made under the 7 days. Since this was my first BGMC that I participated in I didn’t knew much about the rules, so I didn’t knew if I can use textures and sound effects from websites. I hope you will love my game, and that you will leave some feedback after playing with my work. Have a good day! ~Szlobi

Blender file:

(Sorry for the missing links, it should be fixed now)

Gameplay and all possible endings here:

Patch 1.01

Blender file:
Patch notes:
increased player movement speed
fixed physichs bounds
increased speech volume
minor bug fixes


Hi there, I can’t see any link…

I know, my mistake, it should be fixed now. I’m really, really sorry! Hope the gameplay will you make feel happy after this issue! :slight_smile:

Things I noticed:

  • have the 3d view maximized from the start so I don’t have to move my view around to play.
  • Walking speed is slow. Could implement a sprint.
  • player has a shadow. Kind of looks weird when it’s just a cube
  • The two rooftop stairs directly opposite the one you start at has improper physics bounds.
  • The buttons should have some better directions on what to press.

Otherwise, I like the aesthetics and the pretty low poly design of it.

Thanks for your feedback! I don’t really get whats wrong with the stairs. Would it better if the player doesn’t had a shadow? By the way, could you finsh the game, or did you stuck somewhere? And you have right. The motion speed could be higher. I directly dont wanted a high speed, because I imagined Mr.B a fat man. I should have let known the player this.

Hey congratz for entering!
I managed to complete the game. Fun idea, and really good execution.
The audio quality was ok, since you recorded everything yourself. That made it actually really funny to listen to.

one small criticism:
-movement speed is too slow, or your levels are too large. You dont want to have the player walk for minutes, without getting somewhere. Movement speed is really difficult to get right. As a rule of thumb, you should usually set it up a bit faster than what you feel is correct.

Other than that, it´s a solid little game :slight_smile:
I like that you created so many cutscenes for the game

Thank you CGsky! I appriciate you feedback! I’m happy that you could finish the game. Others have also critised the movement speed. I am sorry for that. Even I wanted to increase that, but I didnt get to it. This BGMC was really fun to me! Even if I wont be in the top 3 this time, I will be happy, because I have finally showed something to the internet. Whats surprising me is that you find the amount of cutscenes a lot. I wanted to add more actually. Well I happy that you liked it!

Ohh! Red frost Gaming! I know what do you mean! Well I never expected anybody to go there so I completetly forgot to fix that.

Hi, nice game. I enjoyed the graphics style and if I get more time I’d like to play all the way through.
I found the voices were a little too quiet to hear properly. You could use a program like Audacity to edit them to be louder. You might also try a site like to get some gun sounds (I should have been clearer about which resources you can use. It’s fine to download a few textures and sounds for the competition. It’s better if you edit them to fit your game).

Thanks for your reply! For the next BGMC I want to make some realistic materials and sounds, that time I want to entertain the player with the visual and sound effects rather than with the story. This time it took about 3 days just to set up the basic game logic. Next time I want to spend this time on UV mapping and Node editing. I want to make some cool looking materials with a simple gameplay. Red frost Gaming used objects from Is it Ok to download assets from there?

Good job on your first public game! The fps were low for me, mostly when I got to the ground. In the future you may want to use less lights, It is very taxing. I try to limit my lights to about 5 at a time (I broke that limit on my game too:o).

Thanks for all the support and feedback! I just released a patch for the game, and included EVERYTHING you guys suggested me to include and fixed all the issues you guys have found. Link and patch notes see in the thread! :slight_smile: