[BGMC 25] Ship in the bottle

(LioKon) #1

I probably wont compete this year so this will not leave the WIP section but I decided to work on a small project just to challenge myself a bit

My idea for this years bgmc is basically a simple 2.5D shooter with pirate boats taking place in a small water bottle^^

Progress for today:
Playership nearly done
simple controls done
first iteration of the level done

First picture for today:)

(Smoking_mirror) #2

Looks sweet. Is it an in game pic?

(Mirror|rorriM) #3

Oh, interesting. I’m really liking the cell shading effect for the boat, and the environment looks clear and crisp.

(LioKon) #4

Thank you guys^^ yes this was an ingame pic but graphics will be improved over the next few days:)
currently trying to figure out how to make the guns on my ship not shoot all at once but with a slight time delay on some of them:/
If anyone has a solution to this that`d be awesome :smiley: right now you just hit spacebar and the 6 emptys attached to the guns spawn a bullet
will update you on the progress of today later on:)

(LioKon) #5

WIP of a seamonster I’ve started working on^^
also added reflections on the bottle, simple vfx for the water and textures to the ship^^