BGMC 26 Discussion Thread

(Saddy Panda) #21

trust me…the way that i over optimize my games?..40mb is too much freedom! can’t wait to get started. but what i wanted to know in particular is that if premade assets are allowed at all?

(Nicholas_A) #22

Premade assets are allowed as long as they are shared publically.

(Saddy Panda) #23

Nice! thanks for the speedy reply!

(sarushan) #24

Good Afternoon! My themes is:
Artificial Inteligence
Pre Historic

(alexsi) #25

theme must be atmospheric

(Nemescraft) #26

How about Christmas for theme? Or Halloween? Or something like that…

(I don’t know if it has been suggested, BTW)

(adriansnetlis) #27

Hm… Should I try to drop a school project (or 2) if the theme looks promising? I’d really like to take part since I didn’t get any time last time. However, I feel like I may run into the same issue. I find myself coming back to dorm at around 18:00-20:00 every day, being exhausted and demotivated to do any more stuff. However, if I do find a day or 2 free, I could make a very, very tiny game. What do you think? I feel like I must start doing something or else my BGE skills will get rusty.

(Nicholas_A) #28

I’d love for you to participate but don’t let this get in the way of school.

(JG-productions) #29

Theme idea basic 3d platformer