BGMC 26 Discussion Thread

(Nicholas_A) #1

BGMC 26 is coming soon. Post your theme ideas and preferred starting date. I want to start no sooner than in 2 weeks to give everyone ample time to read this.

If you have a prize you want the winner to receive, PM me about it.


  • 1st place: BPainter license ($40)
  • 2nd place: $5 + custom 3D logo for anything
  • 3rd place: custom 3D logo


  • The blend file size limit will be 40mb. Remember, only submit the blend and data. Don’t publish the game as standalone.
  • The game must be open source
  • The game must be made with BGE, UPBGE, Armory, Blend4web. UPBGE is recommended.
  • Don’t use a far-off version of Blender. If possible, use the latest version of BGE or UPBGE.
  • Premade assets are allowed as long as they are shared publically.

Facebook group to stay updated.

Did I miss anything?

(BluePrintRandom) #2

Theme Idea Elemental

Time - Whenever

(APilch) #3

Theme: Sidescroller
Time: Week of Sunday, November 12th

( #4

Theme: Sky

Mind if its not just a .blend file ?
I usually put my scripts in a folder next to the .blend.

edit: Ok thanks sdgeoff :slight_smile:

(sdfgeoff) #5

Generally multiple files is not a problem. In the past, the size limit has been the size of a zip file containing your entire project. Also, Sky was a theme back in BGMC 7 - not that I’d mind doing it again.

Theme Ideas:

  • The Lighthouse
  • The World Below
  • Final voyage
  • Not Alone
  • The navigator
  • Starfall

(Nicholas_A) #6

Yeah, I had mentioned you can do that.

only submit the blend and data

( #7

The blend file size limit will be 40mb. Remember, only submit the blend and data. Don’t publish the game as standalone.

I understood as packing the data in the .blend, nevermind me :slight_smile:

I tried thinking about more themes, but man I can’t get any ideas…

(Smoking_mirror) #8

If you talk to Thatimster he can set you up with the keys to the Facebook group, good to advertise there as this forum has been a bit slow lately.

For themes, I’d like to see:
Total war!
The 80’s
Giant monsters
Engineless Racing
The N00b (low level adventure)

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #9

What about crash? video game were the objective is to destroy… :RocknRoll: just thought I’d throw that in, hehe

(CGFrog) #10

Graphics (Like the best graphics you can get however this would be tricky see how there is only a 40mb file limit)
Survival Island

Start time:
November 11th (It’s always good to start competitions on weekends because probably a lot of students want to participate in this like I)

(adriansnetlis) #11

There are other ways to achieve good graphics apart from high-res textures. Good shaders, layered textures and other similar features take up nearly 0 memory, but can make up some high-end graphics if done right.

Also, I may want to take part, but I doubt that I’d be able to make something due to my tense routine in school (I’m usually back at dorm at like 19:00-21:00). This week would have been great, but it’s too late to suggest and also it’s not that good any more since I got ill - yep, I always tend to get ill at school holidays. Life sucks, huh?

Anyways, a few more theme suggestions:

  • diplomacy
  • too good to be true
  • backdoor
  • amplified

Also, I really like given themes not alone, engineless racing & parkour, I think those could make out something nice.

(johnniewalk) #12

I dont think so, all fit here.

(JG-productions) #13

Theme idea : medieval

(JG-productions) #14

When does it start?

(Saddy Panda) #15

Theme ideas:
year 10,000!
world war 4
Out of Mind
Epic Triumph
Shocking drama story

Time to Start: Any Time after Nov.3rd

(JG-productions) #16

Theme idea real time strategy game

(Nicholas_A) #17

November 13th seems like a good starting date for the competition. That means I’ll start the theme voting this Monday, October 30th. Voting will last a week and a half. I’ll then make the announcement on Friday, November 10th.

The competition will take place from November 13th to November 20th. November 12th will be the designated planning day.

(Saddy Panda) #18

superior awesomeness!!! This time I will enter a game…feel bad that I missed 24 and 25. I really wanted to finish those but family and life got in the way EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! not this time! they will leave me alone and I will make this work!

I have a question however…what are the requirements…my reason is to know if premade assets are allowed?

(Saddy Panda) #19

I know of the other standard stuff…not over 40 megs…that stuff…just wondered if there are more? thanks!

(Nicholas_A) #20

40 mb file size limit is so that people don’t have to download too large of files. It’s really not a difficult limit.