Are You Ready to defend yourself against NATHA and it’s Robo Lazer Unicorns?


Basic Story:

**.blend File :

NOTE: Use UPBGE v2.78 for the .blend version

Oby1 -Idea, chaos, 3D assets, overall visuals, music choice.
CG SKY - Fancy Menu, Programming, Mean Unicorns(Gameplay), sound design.

Random Screenshot of some Unicorns:

Enjoy the pure Chaos :smiley:


LMAO…and wtf? good work…I have not played it, but I am still tickled with the concept…I love retarded humor.

DUUUUDE!!!, NOOOOO, go play it -now- , and DONT SPOIL THE ENDING. but tell me afterwards what you think of it :slight_smile:

The game looked cool and fun, but I got stuck on the first level lol

I was able to crounch, but for some reason the character wouldn’t get into the tunnel (the tunnel after the glass panes).

Nice work !

This Game is Freaken Awesome Its Got Everything !!!
Funny though !!!
Overall 8.4 out of 10 !!!

Nice Jawb bro im really impressed bro …

Awesome stuff bro.


[WKnight02] It’s backspace to reset. Sometimes Elon’s Ray detection misses out completely-hens why he stands when he should be crouching or the opposite. Welcome to the flaws of BGE :3

[Fred/K.S] Thanks, glad you enjoyed the chaos. :slight_smile:

Downloading now, it may be a few hours before I can get around to playing it, but I assure you…I will!

it is retarded :slight_smile: I like it a lot…but jesus christ it is difficult…the bomb double jump trick is cool, but the key bindings made it more difficult…in the end it was everything I imagined :)…but I could not beat it…got stuck on the second level getting past the turrets that fire downward at the beginning…good work. I like that it had a bit of a story and that it, ‘apparently’ has an ending…so ++ for that.

If at any point you get stuck in a level, you can go back to the main menu and play the next level from there. Would be sad if you missed out the ending. The difficulty curve sadly couldn´t be smoothed out until the release.

This has one of the best video-game trailers in history. I did cheat and see the ending by loading it via the scene panel in blender then running the game, for shame. Smiles guaranteed.

IF the game proves too difficult, I do not advise it, but feel free to delete enemies and cheat a bit. But, just saying, my Grandma played this with a steering wheel and speedrunned the whole game under 30’sec. :slight_smile:

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Just tried playing this game, and here is what I can say:

The menu is cool, there is music going on, it’s nicely functional.
When I start game, I get awaited by amazing cutscene. It’s indeed hilarious, funny. And the sound effects come in nicely.
Then starts the level. The visuals of game are great. I also like the controls, except that jumping can get a bit difficult and rigid feeling at cases. The animations are very smooth. But there is a serious game-breaking bug. I can’t get past the tunnel. I hold down ctrl, my character croaches, but still can’t pass the tunnel.

I hope that not many people encounter this issue, but overally I think it’s a nice game. Tried playing finale, but gave up - it’s very challenging. Good work there, wish you luck :wink:

I love the intro ala South Park, and the title reminds me of the South Park episode where Al Gore is looking for Manbearpig, “thuper Theriously” Ha, ha. Loved the artwork and really everything about it except the controls. The A, D, LCTRL is akward for me, and a bit painful. But no one else is complaining, so it’s prolly just me. I changed the crouch it to arrow keys. Great work.

I had problems with the controls as well…for me it was mostly left ctrl that was a hindrance…and that is my only complaint. Great game for such a short time…I do not think I have ever seen such a complete game in one of these challenges.

There’s an impressive amount of content here, and the graphics is pretty cool. Unfortunately this game is ‘not my style’ but I can appreciate the effort that’s gone into making it.
Gameplay is pretty fun - but the death-restart get’s old pretty quick, particularly as some of the levels require quite tricky flying. I’m sure if I spent more time playing I’d get better and it wouldn’t be so bad, but without a visible health-bar, death comes as a bit of a shock.

I once did some sort of uber-uber-uber jump, and jumped out of the map.
Nice trail effect too.

This game is hilarious! It crashed once at the beginning when I tried to jump over the first block, but other than that it worked fine. Great ending!