BGMC 26 Has Ended! Voting will begin soon.

The Theme is Sci-Fi so make your game along that theme.

BGMC 26 will officially start on November 13th. The 12th will be your planning day to make your ideas for the game. The competition will end on November 20.

If you have a prize you want the winners to receive, PM me about it.


  • 1st place: BPainter license ($40)
  • 2nd place: $5 + custom 3D logo
  • 3rd place: custom 3D logo


  • The blend file size limit will be 40mb. Remember, only submit the blend and data. Don’t publish the game as standalone.
  • The game must be open source
  • The game must be made with BGE, UPBGE, Armory, Blend4web. UPBGE is recommended.
  • Don’t use a far-off version of Blender. If possible, use the latest version of BGE or UPBGE.
  • Premade assets are allowed as long as they are shared publically.
  • When you are done making your game, post it in Finished Games with the BGMC 26 Label

Feel free to make a WIP thread sharing your ideas and development progress once the competition starts.

Yay, next week is less busy for me since it’s the patriotic week and thus there is less workload. I am looking forward to actually taking part in this one.

I also do want to figure out something for prize, I want to contribute, but I can’t figure out what would others find useful/nice to have.

Good luck everyone, I already have an insight for what game mechanics I want to include, so this time I’m not going to start completely bland with 0 idea. I hope you can find some nice ideas, too. :slight_smile:

Some ideas to throw out there (man, sci-fi is such a broad theme):

  • Racing Hovercars through tunnels (I’ve made enough of this sort of game recently)
  • Navigating spaceships where you only have gravity and the ability to teleport. 2D.
  • Post apocolyptic world as a robot, scavenge batteries and see how long you last
  • The controlling AI of a research station. Find out why all the humans are missing - but you can only look through the camera’s in the facility, and only act through a limited set of manipulators. Puzzle/mystery game.

But the idea I picked? Wait and find out…
Unfortunately the second half of this BGMC will take a back seat to participating in the XKCD game jam.

To help with reaching that 40mb limit

Is the limit 40mb? Might want to mention in the main post.

Also what is the penalty rate above the limit? Does this apply to just the .blend or the exported game?

It was already in the rules. There won’t be any penalty. It’s just so that people don’t make their games too big.

I have an idea - what if you gave +1 point for the smallest file size and -1 point for the largest file size to encourage disk space optimization? At this point, the largest file size could still win, of course, but everyone would be slightly encouraged to make files smaller, like a small competition. I don’t know if you agree, but I find this being a nice option on how to handle this without making rules harsh on the files that go slightly past 40 Mb.

I think it’s a good idea to add a point if the blend is the smallest size but I don’t think it would be fair to subtract a point for having the largest size.

this is just thrown in the air…not entirely well thought out but i figure an idea of the large small file thing would be to rank them. if for example…two games were well voted for at the time of submission…whomever’s game is more optimized (smaller file size, faster game play, less glitch count, ease of play, replay-ability) should rank higher than the other. these are the things that WE should incorporate in our vote for a game. this would show WHY a game has been voted for rather than just a simple " i like it" there may and or should be more to this idea but that’s all that my brain could come up with in such a short amount of time.

What time zone is the competition running from?

I think EST, same time zone as me, so it’s 6:46pm Sunday right now. However, wouldn’t it be best to go by global time?

I’m doing it off +0 hours time zone.

BGMC 26 Has officially started! I have added a timer to the main post.

So how will the judging work? Community vote or selected judges again?

I will probably just have another poll thread

Good luck everyone. Looking forward to playing your games. Can I make a request? Could you please put clear instructions on how to play, and controls to use on the blends? I still can’t figure out how to play Ant Panic. LOL

Sorry about that :smiley: just click on a button on the right and place it onto a tile to attack the bugs.

LOL, I see now. Duh. Nice. It must have been the pain killers dulling my senses. (Rotator cuff surgury) Yeah that’s the ticket. LOL. Good luck again to everyone.

0 hours remain. Don’t forget to upload your game to the Finished Games forum.

Alright everyone, the development time is over. Ill have a few days for everyone to to play each other’s games and then I will create a poll thread too see who wins.