BGMC 26 Planet Jumper

A nice easy game.

Marvin and his people are planet jumpers. They know how to find the portals connecting planets, and use them like we use highways.

Marvin was on his way to visit his kin, but took a wrong worm-hole, and ended up on a toxic planet. (Texting and jumping, missed his exit) This planet has no portal to go back, (don’t over think it. LOL)

Marvin knows he can survive if he finds the right plants. You must find these plants,
and defend yourself against enemies using a bow and arrow.

Marvin knows that if he finds 5 certain minerals, he can conjure a portal, and leave.

WSAD or Arrow keys + mouse-move.

P key = instructions hints and controls. Also Pause.

Start in intro.blend for the back story.


Start in Start.blend to get right to it.

UPBGE 2.78 (0.1.2)


Practice with your bow and arrow. To sight your bow in, find a tree, and try to hit it, moving away further and further until you can hit it at a distance.

You can retrieve arrows if you can find them. Or craft new ones, if you can find the right plant. But it will take time away from your life expectancy.

Be careful as you explore, you could fall into the water and drowned. Find land bridges.

All music is either me or Apple iLife scores. But if it’s too annoying, the “O” key will shut it off. (for a while)

Hide behind trees to shoot the deadly plants. Or they’ll kill ya.

Hit the P key for more hints

Thanks to BA for the resources.

Hope you don’t hate it.


I don’t hate it !

You have menus and everything, but I must say the gameplay feels clunky as hell lol

But I had fun wandering around ! This for 5 min maybe then I wanted to move on :slight_smile:

Nice one ! With more time I’m sure it could be better !

The terain texture was better than it is now, but I had trouble that I caused myself by being stupid. . . So I’m not happy with that. . . Wanted to do much more and probably will. :slight_smile: . . . Thanks for the feedback, that’s what I’m looking for. . . I’ve been making the same mistakes for years, It’s time I learned how to do it right. . . Also, I think I’m out of touch as to what people are looking for in a video game. . . So I hope everyone will critique the hell out of it, (likes and don’t likes.) . . . I can take it. :slight_smile:

So, I played through the game, found the concept being really great. Also, I love bows, so that is a + from me.

The gameplay itself, idea was great. Also, levels looked pretty neat visually. The bow animations were ok. The HUDs, however, didn’t as good as I’d like to. But I guess they weren’t bad either. The animations were slightly glitched at some points. They could look weird especially if there was no arrow loaded in. Also, I couldn’t manage to shoot the evil shooting plant. But yea - game was nice.

Wish you luck :wink:

Thank you for the kind words, I haven’t had a chance to to play the other games yet.

That’s kinda weird that you couldn’t kill the deadly plant. So that’s a problem I’ll have to sort out for the next time. If you didn’t have 10 poison trilliums, you could stun the plant, but not kill it, and if you pulled the arrow from the plant, It would come back to life. After getting 10 poison plants, one well placed arrow, should have killed it. (above the red cone thingy) then the plant should fall over and then as the plant rotted, the mineral would appear from the cone.

I used a ray on the arrow, and an expression, hp<=0 and poison = True, I think.
Should have used python.

Thank you for playing the game, I didn’t think anyone would. And thank you for being honest. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

These days, even my kids, grandkids, don’t like my games. So I need to improve, or quit. LOL.

Yeah with the animations, I simply ran out of time.

I hope more people play it and give me feedback. I not sure if the scripts I wrote are correct.
Or if the lighting is correct. Among other things.
I think I made it too easy.

I certainly don’t expect to win this, or even get a vote. I posted this game for feedback.

I think the biggest lack in this game was a sense of progress. Even while navigating the terrain, it was hard to tell where you had been. Some landmarks (eg a big hill, a lamp post) would have made the game much more memorable.

Other than that, it kept me entertained for a few minutes, until it turned into a “grind” of running around, not doing particularly much.
Walking speed was also excruciatingly slow.

Nice “toxic” yellow appearance, and I liked the rock-slugs.

Good stuff. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I’m used to making games for my kids, if I make the game too hard, they lose interest. Personally, I like that sense of being lost. I thought of using a minimap, and decided against it. But this game needs more than what has already been mentioned. I’m not an artist or programmer, that’s a big problem. I consider it a failure. But I’ve seen worse.

MartinSH gets the credit for the water shader. I only tweeked it. :slight_smile: