BGMC 26 | Skies Over Titan

Just gonna squeak under the wire here.

Arrow keys are steering
Left Shift is boost
Space bar is shoot

The orange thing on the main screen is all the settings. Change those as you see fit for performance.

Made with Blender 2.78


There’s a lot of neat things going on here, but it definitely leaves me wanting more… I felt like if the ship wasn’t indestructible it’d be a lot more entertaining to explore. Fun core though!

Great work on that game…great planetary-space atmosphere.

This game was so cool !

I think you have my vote already.

Its simple, yet I felt like I discovered things, the atmosphere is really well done, great job !

This i find super SUPER FUN Though im not a good pilot !!!
I found this Game to be particularly and visually striking as the Mechanics are basic and present a more Arcade feel like to the entire game itself the Game music i found to be particularly comfortable and "Chilled"its a Great looking Game !!!

Duudde Your AI fighters are amazing too i found my self shittin myself in Dogfights lol i manage to get a couple of kills once i mastered the controls it really reminds me one of those Star Wars Star fighter Games but only this Game on another plannet i like the background and LOD you used for optimization it runs quite well on my Low-End Machine Very well bro i am superly impressed !!!

Overally there’s still room for improvement but i enjoyed and liked it just the way you made it Awesome Awesome Work bro i really like this Game infact you inspire me more to Finnish of my projects too !!!

I would Give this game an 8.0 out of 10 for Nice Graphics fun Game play repetitive AI and randomly generated Dogfights, Your filter is Amazing BTW !!! Optimisation is also Quite Good and so you also have my Vote !!!



Yeah, there is a lot that I wanted to add such as damage and better AI and more stuff to explore but I just ran out of time. I might work on it some more and polish it up after the contest vote is complete.

Hm… Doesn’t work for me. I get white screen with music in background.

But from videos it looks very decent, I can say.

Not sure why that would be… maybe try unlinking the overlay scene “HUD” from the camera object?