BGMC 26 The fate of the BGE

So guys Im thinking I’ll make a game this BGMC titled The fate of the BGE its going to give you a sci fi feel.
the story goes like this: you are a BGE user and you’re trapped in a game world inside the bge.
the rest will be a surprise.
planning on making this a sci fi fps. oh, and you’ll have weapons and mechs to control, allied mechs and stuff will be there too along with a main antagonist, and a nice and big surprise at the last arc of the game! :wink:

some updates
here’s the gun for the game
hopefully there’ll be more!


Use a black background for the flare texture, then open up in blender using ‘add’ alpha. It will look much better!

Sounds good bro!!! i will play this game keep up the Good Work.


turret model done

Advice: Get the mechanics working and polished before putting lots of time and effort into the models. The art/models should be one of the last things you do, as a game without good models is still better than good models without a game!

thanks for the tip I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

this is a cool project, can’t wait to see were it goes… :wink:

some updates
gonna stay up all night tonight

That screenshot is looking cool! Hope you can finish something!