BGMC 26 Theme Voting

We’ve got 38 themes to choose this time. Let’s see which one survives :slight_smile:

Is there a limit to how many I can vote for or just any which take my fancy?

With this many themes, it may be worth this one being the “first round” and then taking the top five and holding a “second round” to give those who voted early (and can’t change their vote) a chance to pick amongst the likely ones.

Pick any number but the more you pick, the less likely the one you really want will win.

+1 for this idea

I agree +1

+1 .

WARNING* useless text in this post.
I’m not sure I agree…the one with the most votes this round would inevitably be still the same one selected during the second round…I do understand the theme in this round that gets second place maybe the second choice for many who’s theme did not win this round, but it’s not really how voting would work if there were this many games being submitted…in the end…I am ok with either…I’m not a participant :)…so I basically just wasted all this space…


I disagree, why? It’s a poll everyone votes for what they like to see. why would the… lets say top 5… go into another round? so that top 1 will not be chosen again? That is not the way of a normal polling, you use the results from the first one, if there are entries with the same number of votes then you should create a new poll but only with the entries that have the same amount of votes. This makes voting fair, more rounds eliminating half the entries to get number 2 on spot 1 is not a great idea. People can already select multiple entries.

But this is just my opinion.

I think the winner is the winner no need for 2 polls.

Just to explain the reasoning.

Let’s say there are five options, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
A user (named Bruce) votes for options 1 and 3, but at the end, options 1 and 3 only have a few votes. Options 2 and 5 do very well, with option 2 leading.

Another poll is run just with options 2 and 5.
Bruce (and other people who didn’t vote for either 2 or 5 in the first poll) now get to decide their favourite out of the new (limited) selection.
In the end, option 5 wins because Bruce (and others who previously didn’t vote for either #2 or #5) vote for #5.

Actually, I don’t mind. I’m happy with nearly all of the top themes - and have a game idea that will fit many of the current near-leaders.

kinda figured SOMEONE would have to break it down for those who disagree with the thought that the first round winning poll would just get selected again. to those who +1 (like myself) sdfgeoff just gave the EXACT reason that we were thinking. AI looks strong in this round but might be super weak in the next one. the mind of a group could change as well…we are look to want AI to win but as soon as round 2 pops, we might vote for a theme that’s completely left field!

no matter what happens, just as long as we have fun and make some super tubular games then this BGMC will be a smash just like the rest of them now and into the future!

Sci-fi or AI sound fun. I’ve got some great ideas for either.

I don’t mind either…maybe the winner from both poles mixed…like “the SCI-FI world below” etc…meh…
I would almost like to participate in a sci-fi game…that is I *would love to…but my plate is full ATM :slight_smile:

sci-fi is an awesome idea, I’d love to see a sci-fi BGMC… seemingly has the popular vote too :wink:

I am glad people like my Sci-Fi idea. I like AI too and all but I just feel AI would involve programming which I do not have much skill in but I am sure it is possible with logic bricks. Either way I am excited to participate in any of these.

Why not do both ai and scifi together? We can have ghost in the shell and blade runner theme scifi (which both came out this year) which both explores the idea of AI and what is it about being human or not?

And this year also marks the year of AI revolution in gaming when openai and deepmind outperforms even some of our best human players, a theme about machine learning for bgmc is quite fitting imo

The theme is a basic framework. You can add to that as much as you like.
Making a sci-fi/AI game would be totally possible.

But AI is not that easy to do, especially with logic bricks, so it makes sense to have a less restrictive theme.

I did not know these games were limited to logic bricks?

AI wouldn’t have to involve complex AI. You could be controlling an AI, or the AI could be a simple faction you battle against or with, etc. But I do like just Scifi better. It still allows AI games if someone was so inclined.