BGMC 27 Discussion

Hey everyone, hope your New Year and holidays went well! It’s probably getting close to that time to have another Blender Game Making Contest. So let’s figure out what a good date will be and start brainstorming cool theme ideas. The general format will most likely be the same as the last contest. The theme will be announced on a Friday eve with the following Saturday of brainstorming. Then Sunday through Sunday will be the contest, with voting the following week.

I’m thinking maybe the first week or two in February might be good?

Let me know what you think, and post your theme ideas below.

Darn. I’ll be really busy all throughout these few months so I probably won’t be able to spend so much time in this competition.

I am not participating, but pushing it back is a good idea just to give people time to collect their thoughts, but doing it during valentines day is also a ‘no go’ for those with a partner…so I went with the second option Feb 4-11…I still think pushing back to after valentines is probably the best idea.

February 4th - 11th sounds good to me too.

Theme idea: Adventure

Also, would it be possible to hide the poll results while it is going on? Otherwise people could potentially see which theme is winning and start planning ahead of time. Plus it would make it more of a surprise anyways.

Theme idea: fantasy


  • the sound of rain
  • beyond
  • two worlds
  • handmade
  • music
  • race
  • electricity
  • tunnel
  • black and white

1.Bigger on the inside

2.Small but dense


Theme ideas:

  • Into the fog
  • Down under
  • In the shadows

I’m having very busy school schedule around this time, so I doubt I can do any much. The later dates do seem a bit more promising, but I still think I’ll have to skip out.

theme idea: puzzle

theme: population control

Theme ideas:
-a perfect room
-replay value

some more themes:

  • illusions
  • Pyrokinesis
  • the machine
  • The void
  • Evolution
  • Underwater
  • White
  • M.C.Escher
  • Insects

Okay This isa going to be my first Bgmc ever guys hello :slight_smile:
So Themes:
-Low Poly


  • Shopping
  • CyberPunk
  • Inteligence Artificial

So we’ve got a tie for the contest date. If that is the case, I will use the power vested in me to be the tie breaker.

ok? when? :slight_smile:

Haha, well since both dates are approaching, and we still need to decide on a theme… it will have to be sometime very soon!

The contest will be held from Feb 4 - 11!!!