BGMC 27 - shadow twins

my first bgmc game ever - I worked until night on this…

You need UPBGE for playing this game

You control 2 cubes, a black and a white one, both simultaneous - and both cubes need to be in their goal area to win a level. There are 7 levels, the last one with the easteregg You have to unlock them all or tick the 'unlock' game-property option - (see image) - to see the esteregg. In later levels there are black and white walls where only one cube can pass through, also dangerous holes are coming in later levels.




the level selection screen

the first level

unlock_all - unlocks all levels
bw - adds a grayScale filter (some parts of the game - like the holes - are not really BW )

also you need to be in scene ‘00_Main’ to play the game

i added a video now

I like it. So far it’s my favorite. Haven’t played them all yet. No complaints. great job, on a nice easy game.