BGMC #29: Is Now On

BGMC 29 has started! You have from now until the 24th to create a game. The theme is …

But… with the twist that this isn’t meaning retro computer games. While you may chose to make your game with 320x240 graphics or 8-bit color, that is not a requirement. Rather, the requirement is that your game must:

consciously derive or imitate trends, music, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the past.

In particular, the recent past, somewhere in the last hundred years or so. This covers a lot, a huge lot. The lunar landings are retro, bell-bottom-trousers are retro, drinking straws made out of paper are retro (whew)! During that time people went from being explorers colonising the world to soldiers defending their countries all the way to creating post-modern philosophies, the art-deco style, brutalism architecture and hundreds of other different ways of thinking and creating.

Even some sci-fi ideas are retro: space-ships using tape recorders to store data, being powered by crystals, and being controlled by brains in jars are pretty out-dated (Wow, reading Anne McCaffery is hilarious these days).

So, get out there and make your game about something you find fascinating about the past. Feel free to remember the past “badly” if you like: alternate past is totally permitted

To submit an entry, create a thread in the Finished Game forum before the 24th, and include “[BGMC29]” in the thread title. Be sure to upload your fines in .blend format, or if you have more than one file, zipped .blend’s. You should also specify what version of blender you need to use it.
If you want to, you can upload an executable, but this is not a requirement.

Game sizes under 50Mb is preferred, but this is not a hard limit. Just be aware the some people don’t have internet that is as good as yours.


Armory engine is allowed yeah?

Yes. All blender related game engines, create by blender, are welcome. From BGE, UpBGE, and Armory.

Can I send the game until 23:59 on the 23rd or 23:59 on the 24th?


The last day of work is the Sunday (24th). Submit by Sunday 23:59

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23:59 my time or UTC?

In your timezone. There’s only a few places where it isn’t Monday yet, so entries will soon be closed. It looks like we’ve got 9 or so games already…