[BGMC 31] The Adventures of Chick and Adee

I got a tutorial and 1 level done. The firstlevel is not in the full state (Seams are not seamless, models a bit clunky), but it is playable- Just FYI for the second level, you have to throw a switch to open the way to the beacon. please be kind to Adee too, her AI is not the smartest :slight_smile: Also the text that Adee says sometimes does not work quite properly… so just click E again and hopefully it works :wink:

Good Luck to everyone and I hope you enjoy my game!



P.S. made in blender 2.78


Greetings & Good-Tidings @fredstash

The following comments & criticism are meant to friendly & professional.
(Please do not take them the wrong way :wink:)

[ PROS ]

  1. Characters were beautifully & originally designed.
  2. Environment was fantastic.
  3. Story was professionally narrated.
  4. Idle animation was nice.
  5. Loved the intro text.

[ CONS ] (Most of these negative things seem to be because of lack-of play-testing + time-restraints)

  1. In the main title screen. It may be apparent to some people. But there is no indication to click left_mouse_button to continue.
  2. Text conversation (box & text) is squashed due to wrong screen-resolutions.
  3. Mouse_Look is one of those things that aren’t meant to be wrong but just are (X-axis is not inverted but Y-axis is causing usability issues)
  4. Some UV texturing showed bake lines (I get those all the time too so I understand :wink:)
  5. Walk animation was awkward to watch since it was set to LOOP-STOP & not LOOP-END which made the character legs end up in some really weird positions.
  6. Enemy behaved like total aim-bots (always tracking you + 100.0% accuracy)
  7. Enemy collisions were very miss-leading as collisions were only on turrets & not the enemy bodes themselves.

I never passed the 1st level (but that is just my poor-skills :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:)
Number 7th(con) was very frustrating untill I realized it. I still couldn’t pass the level since enemy’s got to shoot before I could ever get in range . . .

Only if game-play was fixed for usability otherwise definitely |YES| (!)

Well thank you… and my thoughts on your cons:
1 the first screen is on a delay, for 40 ticks or so, and tap to progress, the instruction one on the other hand could have had a little thing (let’s just say the last hour I worked on my game I was just throwing it together).
2 completely viable.
3 I don’t really know what you are talking about, every game I play seems to run with the mouse-look I am using…
4 bake lines are probably because I was too lazy (and lack to time) to actually unwrap the things, if you look at the texture they are all straight Smart Unwrap.
5 I don’t personally see your problem with the walk animation. EDIT: Never mind I think you were talking about the turkeys, I honestly quite working on their animation because it was becoming too much of a headache.
6 The machine gunners are total aim-bots, did you fight any of the infantry? they are significantly less accurate, the tutorial leads you to try to flank the machine gunners, and if you get behind them you can literally kill them all without being shot (The machine gunners can only shoot on one plane and are completely vulnerable from the back).
7 the collision is on the box on the turkey, shooting the turrets should not have any effect

this goes back to number 6, I purposely made the machine gunners have a longer range so you couldn’t just fight them from the front.

Pros thank you for them I appreciate the feedback


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Frankly as a fellow game maker I sincerely do love your game 75%

However as a gamer I do not quite enjoy the game-play due to not even able to pass the tutorial level (I’m a n00b :stuck_out_tongue:)

Your game really had the feel of a published game (that’s why it’s so sad to see the lack of progress I made, I wanted to play everything you build :wink:)

Hey very fun and challenging game you have, I got passed the first level so it’s definitely possible.

the only foreseeable problem is with the accuracy of the pistol.

the problem is however not where or how the bullet spawns, I just think the laser should be up slightly on the X axis. “like -.3 or something” other than that, great, and works well too. cant wait to see where you go with this!

As for everyone having a hard time with the tutorial level, maybe that’s actually a good thing. some players enjoy a challenge.