BGMC 32: Old New World



Blender Game Engine 2.79


Simply run Old New World.blend. Use WASD buttons to move, Spacebar to use, Left Shift to switch characters, R to restart level and Esc to quit to menu.This game was made in four days for the game jam #bgmc 32.


@Diego_Almeida_Santos (models and textures)
@Capuco_Gamer (animations)
@joelgomes1994 (programming)

Download here


Lovely game, would be great to have more levels of this! :slight_smile:

Thanks, man! The game was designed to be played in one big level, but unfortunately we we’re not able to finish the game in time, it’s missing the robot communicating through emojis, a big level, save game in checkpoints, options menu, ending cutscene and other minor things, but for the time being, that’s it. Probably we’ll finish it later to upload in Game Jolt and


This game is really neat. It’s easy to play, and has simple rules. I agree, I wish there were more of it.

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