Bgmc 32

Game style + game theme up for vote

1 of each per member


My suggestions:

  • Style: Turn based
  • Theme: Nature

Hi, I’m kind of new to Blender, but I think it would be fun to be apart of Bgmc and work on my skills with the game engine. I don’t have a theme or anything right now but if I think of one I will post it


Not sure I’m gonna join- but will spectate- but may I suggest:
Action FPS


You should totally join :slight_smile: the more we have the better


Hey guys,

I am happy to announce that I, in the name of NiftyLlamaGames will be sponsoring this BGMC with a 200$ price.

3 Years ago, @Oby1 @TimDrew and I joined the BGMC 23 for the first time as a team, making The Long Way Home.
Since then, the game has come a long way, and it’s pretty much the project that kickstarted my entire Game Dev Career up to this point.
Nifty Llama Games is slowly turning into an actual Game Studio, which is crazy to me!

But what helped us the most to get to this point is the community over here. It’s all the people that supported us while we worked on the game. All the people that stuck with us when we decided to make the switch to Unreal Engine, and all of the people that gave feedback, encouraged us and helped make all of this happen. (we tried keeping you up to date over here)

That’s why we decided we want to give back to the community, to you guys and sponsor this BGMC. To encourage you to try and make something awesome, go where you didn’t think you could go and have a great time making a game during this jam.

I will also be co-hosting this BGMC alongside @BluePrintRandom to help him out so that we can have a nicely organized and bigger jam. Perhaps we can make this the biggest BGMC yet? :wink:

We still have to decide how the winners will be chosen and will keep you guys up to date on all the details regarding the jam, and we’ll also make a few more announcements before it starts to hopefully get more people involved.

I will also do my best to play all of the submissions and give a bit of feedback on each of your games. (Maybe I can Livestream this on my YouTube Channel:thinking:), but I’d also like to personally have a chat with the top 3 games about perhaps taking their games further (if they wish to do so).

That’s all from me now. Have a great day and happy blending!


Also, I’d like to suggest the theme “a wordless story” as a theme. Could be interesting :slight_smile:


Im off work tue, wed, thur so any of those days would be best

I am guessing it will be a week competition like previous BGMC’s

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I think that would make the most sense, yes

yeah 1 week

Hey, thats actually a really amazing gesture and this community is really lucky to have so many generous people giving back with work, information, good energy and dedication. I might be way to slow to do anything worthwhile in a week time, but I will surely like to give it a try, will be a good chance to try and gather what little I have learnt and see if I can come up with something.

I also like the idea of a wordless story, visual storytelling.

PS: Best of luck for you guys on your game studio adventure.


Thanks btw @CG_Sky

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Hey hey no worries guys :slight_smile: I’m hoping to get more people interested in the upbge again and this could be a nice way of doing so.
There’s been a lot of improvements made by @lordloki_reloaded @BluePrintRandom and whoever else has been constantly working on this engine for the past years.

I think that’s something we should celebrate and this jam could be a great way to bring the community together and just have fun with the blender game engine (or now UPBGE).

I still think the blender game engine is a great engine to learn in with its direct blender implementation. Especially in combination with EEVEE it could turn into something quite special.

Also; @BluePrintRandom we should probably discuss at some point how we’re gonna run this thing :smiley:


I was planning to run in BGE 2.79b (my computer likes it better, and I know it better) are we still keeping it open to any version of blender?

of course you can use 2.79.6 !!

  • but have you tried upbge 0.2.5 release?

has lots of bug fixes mostly


I did not do any work on the engine itself - so much as test/report bugs while youle fixed everything, and before loki returned I was generating builds when people needed it :smiley:

I am terrible at C

I ran UBGGE 2.5b on my laptop and it causes it to heat up a ton even with basic scenes, so I will probably stick to 2.79b (maybe someday I will try UPBGE again, but not without practice before the competition :slight_smile: )

My suggestions for this BGMC:

  • Style: STEALTH

Cool! I haven’t made a game in ages.

Theme Suggeestion: Rescue