BGMC 33-Theme Collection

In preparation for BGMC 33 we’re going to begin collecting Theme and Mechanic ideas. Post any ideas in this thread, and we (Simonrazer and I) will include them in the Theme and Mechanic votes.

Here’s the planned timeline for BGMC33.

14.9 - Idea collection
21.9 - Idea vote
24.9 - End of voting, Announcement of Start
01.10 - End BGMC
02.10 - Vote
09.10 - Declare Winner

We will also be posting announcements in the BGMC Discord to make sure everyone is kept up to date.


Theme: Unexpected Future
Mechanic: RPG/story based

(I would not complain if we brought back the wordless story from last time)

I’m looking forward to this! Good luck



Ancient Rome, gladiators, coliseum… chariot racing?

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Theme - creating a retro styled game
Mechanics - Shooter, adventure, horror

I an waiting for this theme for a long time but no game jam used this😢 pls at least you guys do it plssss


Btw can I get the link to your BGMC discord? I want to join pls give me the link

@ANSH Here you go:
By the way, you do not need to post a theme AND a mechanic, the both are being voted on separately (unless you guys hate that idea).

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Thanks for the link! I but I didn’t understood what you said…

If you want to, you can just post an idea for an Mechanic and not a Theme, or the other way around. There will be a separate votes on which Theme and which Mechanic will be used.

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Themes: anomaly, paradox, transcendence,
Mechanic: any

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Theme: Retro Game Remake


Theme: Secrets

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Macabre. Beat 'em up.

Chicken Apocalypse. Humor.

nature. non-violent gameplay.


Theme: steampunk