[BGMC 37] World Defence

Been trying to get a game together for this BGMC and have made a fair bit of progress.
Hope I can get it finished tomorrow!

(Planetary Defense Force)

(The space station.)

Aliens are attacking the world, and you have to stop them… You know the drill.

Have yet to implement: Secondary weapon, health/ammo pickups, enemy spawns and a second enemy type.

Github repo


looking good, wats game engine version you use?

Looking forward to play it!!

Got it to a playable state! It can be downloaded from my Github repo.

(The zip is only 706KB)

The game is built in UPBGE 2.5. I’m afraid it doesn’t have a proper end, the enemy waves just stop coming.

Nice! really dig the look!!

Played through it, very cool! Almost like a 3d version of Asteroids!

Great job!