BGMC 8 - Antimal Crossing

Ha ha.

I’m honestly not sure what kind of game this will become. It kind of started off being similar to Pikmin, but I see that idea (RTS / leading NPCs) with ants is being done, so I don’t know if I want to do it. Kinda wish I had chosen a more interesting main character. :confused: Maybe I’ll change it to a different idea. Anyway, here’s progress.

The main character.

Stay out of tall grass.

Nice character SolarLune ,you should have a look at Nintendo Land Pikmin’s Adventure is a very fun game which you can get some ideas from it.

the character looks cute ! :slight_smile:

Thanks. Made some progress. Added a night and day cycle system and did a couple of animations. Also added water (and I need to turn down the specularity, sheesh).

This looks great. You should continue it even after the competition.

Already feels like a game, good job SolarLune.

all creations of SolarLune are just epic

aww, I thought it would have been like animal crossing (the name!!:eyebrowlift:) lol

See, I don’t know why you say you’re bad at modeling 3D objects. You have a very neat yet simple style that I think is very effective.

^ Thanks alot!

Surprise, style change. I ended up going with 2D sprites, and actually plan to make this like Animal Crossing, where you go around and talk to villagers. I doubt I’ll be able to finish it up in the next couple of days (I was busy on one day, and games have been distracting me for the past couple, hah).

Anywhooooo, here’s what I’ve got. I’m testing out the dialog window, and have an isometric viewpoint. Time of day is also working, and there’s an indicator for it at the top-right. I’m using BGUI for the GUI. As always, it’s working well.

You can see the day and night cycle changing quickly in a video here.

Now it looks like a mix of Harvest Moon (the old GB/PSP ones) and Animal Crossing… two epic games :]
Looks awesome so far!

wow im impressed on how you just changed the whole style in a tic, it now looks like a traditional SolarLune game ;D

I was busy on one day, and games have been distracting me for the past couple, hah

i know that feel bro, i also wasted most of the comp time playing games haha

anyway, good luck!


Bah, I didn’t get very far, so I’m gonna drop out (basically). I think I just didn’t have a realistic / strong idea for the game, and so didn’t really want to work on it. Oh, well.