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I am going to do a very basic game that just moves forward when you destroy all of the asteroids. I have a ship (20 polygons) a space sphere, and basic asteroids. it is going well and won’t be very hard. I would do more but I don’t have much time with school.

Is the ship you’re using that 2D-arrow like in the original? You could save a lot of faces on it, if that’s the case.
Anyways, gotta love classic Asteroids!

Good luck! :]

I have an Arcade Cabinet with Asteroids on it so I can compare your game with it :slight_smile:
Good luck !

It is similar to just a triangle but it uses a little depth and a little about 8 extra faces for some wings.

Here is a some pictures of points in my game
Space Ship (20 Poly)

Asteroids (4 Poly’s each)

Deep space if you exit the sphere (its own scene that goes on forever)

Story line

In the year 2037 The world has grown into one of the dominant worlds next to other worlds like Mars and Mercury who 1 year ago had superior technology. But as soon as life was found on these planets Earths Scientists soon started revamping their old military planes for out of world combat. The only problem was they needed an new weapon because Earths new pacifist take on things after world war 3 included Never building ballistic weapons or any ammunition. The new innovation included Reflecting radiation from the suns rays at their Planes that would then convert this energy into a type of plasma ray. Your job is to test out this new weapon, the only down side is that the Satellite that reflects these rays can only be moved every so often, so if you go out of range no more plasma. Good luck, and don’t die.

Thanks for reading


p.s sorry I am terrible at descriptions but this gives the main idea

Cool. How about using sprites for the asteroids? Then you can make them more detailed. If you’re moving in 3d space you can set them to billboard so they always face the camera.

I have no idea where to even start with sprites.

If not sprites, then you can make em 2D, and add a nice asteroid texture.

EDIT: Wait, is the game 3D? Like are you able to move on all axis’?

Yeah my game is 3D on all axis (It is supposed to be similar to maelstrom on old computers but in 3D including the music).

I Am working on making 2D Asteroids with billboard and it look decent

Here is the comparison of the asteroids (Brighter orange one is 2d with billboard, also I am fixing that texture)
I will probably go with the 2D one because then I can have 4 times as many

With new things I have incorporated the final Game will be called “Deep Space”, unlike the original maelstrom game you feel safe because when you fly through one wall and come out the other now If you fly out one wall you get lost in deep space to far from the Radiation satellite to fire your weapons.

Edit: The final destination will be deep space but first you have to destroy enough asteroids to allow the (Actually non-existent) Satellite to “aline” far enough for you do destroy asteroids in the endless vacuum of space. Which means eventually probably after the contest I will make the asteroids continuously regenerate when they are destroyed, Kind of a bonus level.

Sorry another edit : I replaced billboard with halo because that makes it face the camera in 3D

Quick tip:
-You can (as far as I know) get away with however many vertices you’d like, therefore you could design the asteroid to be a lot rounder, and in the end only have one face.

Ex: Make the outline of the asteroid entirely out of edges/vertices, when you’re satisfied with the shape, merge the two remaining vertices together (merge) then select all and hit “F” to fill in a single face.

Great I will look into that, but currently I have a new texture that looks better, so I will see which looks better, and Maybe show another comparison.

Unfortunately, I was too busy with Homework to do much so I just made it slightly easier to hit asteroids.

Homework is still bogging me down but I wrote some repetitive Music and sound effects that always come with these games and included them in there. Other updates included:

  • I decreased the plasma size
  • I increase the plasma fire rate
  • I decreased the plasma fire distance
  • I increased the ships speed

This all increases the game play speed to help stop it from being as boring.

Plus here is the new asteroid texture I am going to stick with this one

edit: sorry about the slow updates but I should be able to do more on friday night and saturday, so good luck everybody else

Thanks for the support you give by reading this


I Am getting closer to finishing, I just need a few more levels eventually leading to Deep Space then I should be done.
What I have completed now is:

A UfO that appears After a while

Then I have also completed the title screen

Any suggestions would be great

Thanks for reading


The Game is completed I will either post it, and the revised story line later tonight or tomorrow. There is 3 completable levels, a fourth eventually bonus level (Can’t finish that part currently) and my title screen.