BGMC | CreedO

Well, its pretty bad, pretty slow, and pretty easy, but I hope you like it.

The MediaFire link reports “Invalid or deleted file”.

Yes, it does. I really want play it but i can’t download it :stuck_out_tongue:

if the blend is under 30 mb, just use theorysend :slight_smile:

Here, does this work??

Yep. Downloading it now.

I was really hoping to be able to blackjack those guards without them noticing… :slight_smile: (Looking Glass’ Thief nostalgia)

For whatever reason, my screen comes up as black for this game (until mission failure popped up) so I wasn’t able to play it. But basing it on what I saw on the video above, I think that a bit more could have been done that camera view and I found the level difficult to look at, but I also liked the clubbing action against the guards: that felt really satisfying.

At first I couldn’t get past the first guard because he spotted me even though I’m behind him. But then I found the club can be held out like a spear and you can just run around killing the bad guys with impunity. :slight_smile:

It was a fun game, the camera angle reminded me of the early GTA games.

I enjoy randomly waking the guards with the club. At first I though they would shoot me with those red lasers pointing at me. After beating it the first time I tried exploring the map a little. Hope you work on something a little less “pretty bad, pretty slow, and pretty easy” because even if it was that, it had something going for it.