(BluePrintRandom) #1

@sdfgeoff was the last winner I believe,

Can we host a new bgmc?

BGE is not dead, in fact it growing quite quickly.

acceleration for things like SSR and deferred render (render attachments) - is already committed

upbge 0.2.4 released and work on 0.2.5 continues with plans for some really nice things.

Can we have a bgmc please?

(CYNIC78) #2

I would like BGMC to continue. It’s so much fun to play games made by community members. So creative and fun.

(sdfgeoff) #3

Previously, BGMC’s in late Dec/early Jan haven’t got many participants. But I think mid/end of jan should be good. I guess that means it’s time to start organizing it eh?

(Joel Gomes da Silva) #4

Hello! Any news about this? Me and at least two guys from a BGE WhatsApp group would like to participate, if it happens. :grin:

(vincius) #5

I think it’s a good time to start organizing

(Ramukka) #6

i would love to at least try making something

(Lyeb) #7

sign me up fellas i’ll make it funky


I’d like to join in.

(blenderaptor) #9

i still dont’ know what is Bgmc :frowning:

Im woking on my game, can it be a prototype or it has to be a full game ?

(- Click for resources) #10

blender game making challenge

No you can not use your own game, if you want to join you need to build a game from scratch from the start time till the end time. You may however use resources from this forums resource section (as long as what you use can be used by anyone who participates in the bgmc)

So start at start date, deliver the game + source files/code before the end date.

It has to be a working game, prototype or full game that does not matter as long as it is a game and working (but a full game would score more points by public).

(Thatimster) #11

+1 for everything Cotaks said, BGMC is also about having fun and learning / trying out new ideas / methods / tools. You can use any resource that is publically available (including textures etc.) it doesn’t have to be just from this forum.