BGMC11- NIM: aura of Delana

This is my entry for the BGMC.
I decided to go a little outside the box with this.
The sky is full of magnificence and bewilderment, and in the clouds there lies the hidden realm of Delana! Delana is a world all its own. The inhabitants are made of the clouds themselves and live mostly peaceful lives. There is an even balance of pure clouds and Storms, but recently the thunder baron has become greedy for power. He has begun to overtake the clear skies and pure clouds so he can rule all. Your objective is to stop the baron
You play as “NIM” (which is short for nimbulus, like the clouds)

A young cloud with a lot to prove. You have have been hand chosen by delana herself to undertake this quest. Will you chose to accept it???:confused:

I hope clouds classifies as nature (im pretty sure clouds, thunder storms, and lighting storms count as nature and not just weather) because im super excited about this competition:D

i’ve finished most of the character animations and mechanics for NIM. He has a 8 direction setup with a camera parented to him (the camera doesn’t rotate). I guess thats called a top down view? all that is left for nim is implementing a combo attack system. In the realm of delana there will be many types of cloud inspired foliage such as a tree with no leaves, only a swarm of clouds pulsating in and out. hopefully that will give it the illusion that the tree is sucking the moisture out of the clouds.

The style looks awesome , and the story is prity weird and unique. Cant wait to see the environment and wanna see how u implement the combo system.

Quick update!
I’ve begun modeling some cloud formed platforms and trees. i have also begun to create the palace of delana which has a cloud walkway. I hope u guys like it!:smiley:

Cloud tree!!!

Very nice looking models and so early on into the competition!

Seeing you’re making a game with story, characters etc. I’m very interested to see what you can make in this limited time frame :slight_smile:

This game looks really imaginative and original, good job.

I plan on making at least a solid three levels. One for learning the controls and introducing the player to the story, one for fighting your way to the palace, and the third for fighting the thunder baron. hopefully it will work out. i began working as soon as i heard the theme and i’ve slept for about 5 hours since i started. This is my first BGMC so i plan on leaving my mark.

That’s the spirit! :smiley:

I admire your effort and I wish I could push the hours you do :slight_smile:

I’ve finished modeling the first basic minion enemy

The storm swirl spawns from a mini tornado. If you get to close, he will chase you down and repeatedly head butt you until you die (or if he pushes you off a ledge). I’m starting to mess with AI, but iv’e still got a LOT to do.

Thanks for the support man! It’s pretty easy to push these kind of hours when you tape your eyelids open and blast machine head through some earphones!!:evilgrin:

as a participant its sad to say but i guess we have a winner :frowning:

never see game like this before… keep it up and good luck

Ooh, this something to look out for.
Very original idea!

Small update everybody!!
I’ve added a little bit to the palace of delana. (still being modeled)

the left side will break apart and you will have to scale the rest of the palace to enter through the roof. C&C all you want guys!!:smiley:

Modelled and textured!?
Gods you work fast!

You must show your workflow !
I wish I could work as fast as you.

AMAZING! I love this game!

Looking good!

Hey everybody!! Small update! i’ve added a little bit more to the palace. still has A LOT to go.The Storm swirl is up and running and ready to get killing! i am in the middle of making a long range enemy and a large enemy (i think that is all i have time for). Still need to make a HUD. The thunder baron boss level is halfway done and iv’e already begun the AI for the boss fight. hopefully i will have some more screenshots worth showing for you guys soon.