BGMC15 | Elevate

So many shooting games for this BGMC eh? I’m doing something different.

In Real Life I am a mechatronics student, studying that strange branch of engineering between mechanics and electrics, so Robotics is right up my alley. However, not all ‘robots’ appear to be robots. And that is the concept behind Elevate.
You are a five story elevator. You have to service your hotel as best you can. If too many people complain, you lose your ‘job.’

The graphics are very simple:
Thanks to the magic of animations, sending the elevator to a specific floor is delightfully easy.
I aim to finish the UI and animations by tonight (ie next half-an-hour or so)

And all of the non-people UI and animations are done:

The arrows on the left light up when people press the call buttons. The main panel will also light up if people press the buttons inside the elevator. You can click on those buttons to get the elevator to do things.

Since you are the elevator, there are no safety overrides. If you hit the ‘open door’ button while moving between two doors, the door will open, the elevator will jam for some length of time, and people will complain about the delay. If you miss someones floor, the person may complain. If a person has to wait too long, they may complain.

Tomorrow: Making/animating the people, Making the elevator move where you want it to.
Tuesday/Wednesday: Make the people call the elevator.
Thursday/Friday: Scoring system
Saturday/Sunday: Bug Fixes/catch up.

(And yes, that screenshot is my entire screen. I am a minimalist, I like tiling window managers. I have ~20% more pixels on my work than Windows. Deal with it)

Great idea. Kind of like rush hour with a lift.

Will it be fast paced, or slower moving with the challenge being trying to hit the floor at just the right time?

Will you be able to squash people as they are walking out of the lift or will it be locked so you have to wait while they get in and out of it?

This was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this.


sounds awesome , cant wait to play