[BGMC20, late] Clashed

Me, Gee Music and Igor Tverdohleb(leader of Puup Zemlya) have been working on this game. Unfourtunately my time was kind of destroyed by family so I couldn’t finish in time(actually I couldn’t finish at all). However, I’m gone post what we’ve made here so far. Yeah, I didn’t expect that something such a horrible could happen, but what’s done that’s done.

Game is about alien attack. You must shoot all the enemy ships.
It’s reccomended to open this game in UPBGE. You Can get your own copy here: https://download.upbge.fr/

If you are not opening in UPBGE, make sure that GLSL mode is enabled on the right.


Hi Adrian. I installed UPbge but I still can’t get it to work.
It’s looking for settings.json…


Oh, i’ll make a zip soon;)

I can’t click on any of the buttons even using UPBGE

Hm… May I, please, find out what does console say for you?

I have just uploaded a .zip file. Extract this and play. It should work better.
If you are not opening in UPBGE, make sure that GLSL mode is enabled on the right.

Yeah ok, I turned on glsl and that fixed it


I hope that you won’t mind that the garage system didn’t get finished. I couldn’t manage to arrange all the things. I may release a version later which would feature working garage and so on, but that would be out of the contest;)

There’s lots to like about this game; great graphics, really nice sounds, brilliant UI design and so on but the weak point right now is the game play. I made a game like this a long time ago and soon realized that with one on one battles it all boils down to a game of chicken. You both fly at each other really fast shooting until one of you dies or you crash.
One way to avoid that is to have group battles. If there are more than one ship on each team things quickly become more interesting as you try to protect your wing men while trying to keep your own tail clear. It also makes missions more varied and interesting, since you might have 1 wingman or two or even ten! Maybe some large, heavily armed but slow capital ships would be interesting too, especially if they have a 360 degree field of fire because of turrets.
Also the targeting crosshair is a little too big and opaque. When I’m on target I can’t see the enemy because of it. How about making it more transparent, or maybe like a circle with an empty center? Otherwise it’s a waste if such great modeling and texturing of the enemy ships.
I think after the competition you should definately make a new version which finishes the garage function and addresses some of the gameplay problems. It’s a game with really great potential, I’d love to play a full version.
Anyway, great work. With a few changes this could surely be a contest winner.

Thank you!
Me and Igor were planning to definetly continue this project. Maybe rebuild it’s gameplay system and improve features. Someday soon there’ll be a new better version of this game.
Thanks for the positive feedback!:wink:

Oh, and, by the way, does the ship selection work? I wish it does, cause it’d be nice if you could take a look at all the 3 ships made for player.

Menu details looks great. But it crashes to desktop when pressing “Mission”. GLSL is enabled. 2.76b.

Hm… You seem to not to be only one with this problem. Actually now I have this problem myself. I don’t know what has gone wrong, but it doesn’t work any more. I don’t even know where to look. However, you can hope for a new, better and really good version after some time when me together with Igor(and maybe all Puup Zemlya team) will make a grand version of this game;)

I have no doubt you will. :slight_smile: From what I saw, it looked really good.

Thank you, theoldguy!:slight_smile:

The Upgrade Art :slight_smile:

Hey Guys to the devs on this project i love this game great work on it id like to see a Number 2 as a sequel to the 1st game please i believe that theres so much room for improvements. I like this game and as a fan id like a Number 2.

Just an idea: Clashed 2 - Return of the Aliens
On PC this could be an awesome blender game.