BGMC23 | Filling that void

Filling that void:

A new game for the Blender Game Making Challenge #23:Filling that Void

A little man. Lost in the world. Forgot everything. Even who he was. He searches help in a place, where every story, even his one, is written down. Finding that one single book, that will fill that void in his head. For once and for all.

A little Game with 2 playable levels for now…

Google Drive:

Download blend files and recources:

Download executable (only win64)

For more information visit my Thread in the WIP section…

Blender 2.76 necessary!

Do you have a menu screen or a picture to give people a preview?

The game appears to be corrupted.

All folders are empty. Please provide a game in the next 24 hours if you want to compete in BGMC 23

Now I updated my Page and fixed the downloading error. But the blend file needs 4 hours to upload from now (Google Drive :/), so I hope that it works for you… I’ll edit this thread then so everybody can see, when it’s downloadable…