BGMC25 Final Vote
Well, it’s time to call this a wrap and figure out who won. Many thanks to everyone who got a game in, or who started one but didn’t get tiime to finish it.

Things to consider when voting:

  • Overall game experience
  • How well did it represent the theme ‘micro world’?

If you don’t have the games, you candownload them all here.

sdfgeoff, over and out.

Bump. Only 10 people have played the games?

I have wanted to, but I have paid side work, my own side project, and my day job tearing into my time.

Well, I played all and I voted. :slight_smile: good luck!

It was a tough decision. I picked Microcity, because it told me how to play, what controlls to use, and a backstory. Couldn’t figure out how to play the others. Had to go back on the internet to find out how to play the others. Rookie mistake guys. Great job.

it is summer…and all that implies(over time, being out doors more than in front of the PC etc) I also looked at micro city and voted…I cast the first vote…threw the first stone…drew first blood…you get the picture :slight_smile:

I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I feel like we are the cave dwellers down here in the game engine forums...people have to actively look for game engine related things here ...near the bottom of the main page...if the BA forums were a news paper, we would be the Obituaries :)

Well it looks like the voting is closed and I have won. Thanks to everyone who voted for Mine and BowedPath’s game, and an even bigger thanks to sdfgeoff for hosting this BGMC :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Even though I voted for my own game, I call that a well deserved win. Very polished game.

Naughty, naughty, you voted for your own game… :evilgrin:

It was quite tied at the beginning, but at the end Nicholas_A won. Congratulations to everyone who finished their game (or participated)!

Ant Panic was the best, congrats to everybody for their attempt, and to Nicholas_A for his most deserved win, you made very polished work. I didn’t actually participate because I was very busy on my projects. but maybe next time (last time all the work me and my team mate put in we didn’t even get honorable mention, and the guy that won well there was no actually game play), anyways good job everybody… :wink:

dam i always seem to miss these , whens the next one ?

I might start a discussion in a couple of weeks.