[BGMC26] Cold Days - Prototype

The Cold Days - Prototype is an unfinished version off Cold Days which is made for BGMC 26.

Some of features didn’t get implemented for this game, but many of the key elements are there.

Ever dreamed of being a commander leading a crew from bunker? Well, this game simulates exactly that in a kind of hilarious, yet tragic way. The world is about to end. A terrific catastrophe is taking over Earth.
Your team is on a mission trying to save it. How will it turn out for humanity?

[Download] https://mega.nz/#!JGxzTaAQ!VSvXDLuF8jmIkZKkBQE_UOBBncVyWy43DgbpBU7r9_g
[Version] UPBGE 0.2.1

Report any issues down below.

Also, leave feedback. I will need that to improve this game further.

This is so cool !

It is kind of a visual novel inside Blender right ? lol

I like the way the story is flowing, I mean, its really well done !

Very original take on making games !

Thanks! I’m glad someone enjoyed it:)

Wow the Starting point to it got me very hyped and the story very very interesting your Mechanics are Basic but good it really shows your advanced stages of coding on the BGE which is Good However the fact that there’s no sound or action sequences that you get to see its almost as if you get a sense of inprisonment being questiond as being part of a story that you really never get to see happen or believe instead it results in some old boring Theory almost like a tell tale story only that your choosing to respond and make choices as being apart of that story !!!

Iam not upseat and i dont mean to sound rude but Adriansnetlis Your Game is far most one of the best BGMC Games ive ever seen here on BA and mostly because your work is amazing just like all the other devs here under Game Engine section its a Great game with so much hype at the beginning only to find out that its too ,uch of a deep story for players and i think that players really wanna indulge and explore more of that story in a world of some sort as you say the game is incomplete i accept that overally its a Great Looking and story wise Game !!! i like the story alot But there’s alot of room for improvement my old friend !!!

Keep it up BTW im always playing these BGE games so if you want more feedback just mention me in your post !!!


Thanks for feedback.
I 100% agree that currently it gives you partially feeling of boring imprisonment (which it is kind of supposed to do, tho, since you’re in a bunker). I didn’t manage time well enough to add some visual interest. I plan to upgrade this game, add some video footage sent from team etc. Maybe even some walking around bunker trying to escape from something, solving local puzzles etc. I’ll look into it.
Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

for some reason I can’t DL this, neither windows or mac. I’ll have to wait for all games pack that I will DL in the morning. Can’t wait to play it. :slight_smile:

Hm… You should be able to open the link and just press download.

probably my anti-virus, Adblock Plus, or no-Script. Yours wasn’t the only one. NP, I’ll get the game pack tomorrow. No worries. :slight_smile:

Nice. I like the concept of being teh controller of a mission through a text interface. I’ve had ideas about a similar idea for a while.
It would be nice to have save points, as it takes time to get back to where you were. Maybe just one save-slot, so you can’t save at every decision.
Also, I had a look through the database, it doesn’t seem that you can win? Aww. Also, there are a few spelling errors.

Other than that, it’s pretty good.

I think it’s a pretty good concept also. I started making a game like this, FPS who commanded eight soldiers. The mission was similar to yours, only you had to rescue civilians. And keep all your men alive. So, I like your game so far. Haven’t played all the through yet. Good job, as usual.

Yea, safe points were/are planned. They didn’t feel necessary for the short BGMC game, tho.
Yep, you can’t win at the BGMC version of this game. Basically, you end up finding out that the word is doomed. Sometimes things can go really bad, you know? :smiley:
For the spelling mistakes, it’s obvious that I just misspelled stuff, but we could assume that the crew members write to you in a rush, thus taking some mistakes. How does that sound? :smiley:

@theoldguy I’d like to see the game you started making. Hope it goes well.

Thanks to everyone who played my game. I hope you enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

@theoldguy I’d like to see the game you started making. Hope it goes well.

I think I’m gonna retire from making games. It’s quite painful for me with bad hands, shoulder, and back. So it probably won’t get finished.

I could PM you a link to the game, but it’s it only a first draft so to speak. PM me if you really want a copy I’ll see what i can do, since, It wasn’t made to upload, It’s xbox controller, not WSAD.

I used Thatimsters “enemy_thug”, with his permission, to save time animating, and changed them to soldiers. One thug spawns 8 soldiers with different faces. Only 2 levels so far.

Good luck with the contest.