[BGMC29] Moon Lander 2019

This is my entry for the bmgc29 “moon lander”. it was a bit of a challenge to make something so fast, 3 days is too little time.
the objective of the game is to land the lander in the bright area. the game has 4 levels, when it is finished, a big bright message will appear on screen. you can exit by pressing Esc.
the game is controlled with W, A, S and D. T shuts off the engines.
the game was made for Upbge 0.2.2 and will only work on 0.2.2.
Have fun!

MoonLander.zip (598.3 KB)
edit: i was wrong, after testing, the game should work in upbge 0.2.1, 0.2.2 and 0.2.3. but not in any later version.


Astroarchaeologist are going to wonder why the moon is covered in dead spaceship parts. :grinning: