Bhoto Jatra

Bhoto Jatra

This was my entry for the CGboost “Folklore” Challenge
The entry is based on a real tradition/festival in Nepal called Macchindra Jatra, on the last day of the festival a vest is displayed which is called Bhoto Jatra (which translates to Vest Festival)
This project took about 10 days from start to finish, I started late, so I ran out of time while doing the characters.


Thousands of years ago after passing of a devastating drought, the king started a festival to celebrate and to worship the god of rain. A huge chariot was built and was pulled all around the city, on the last day of the festival the chariot procession was halted by a quarrel between a farmer and a demon. They were fighting over a vest (Bhoto) which was covered with gems, each claiming ownership of the vest. The king heard the stories of both sides, but neither had proof of ownership. It was decided that the vest would be put on display and returned to anyone with proof, but no one claimed the vest and those who did didnt have any proof. Hence the tradition of displaying the vest each year was born

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