Bi-metallic working theory


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  • Bimetallic materials are a fascinating topic in materials science and engineering. In this video, we’ll
    explore how two different metals can be combined to create a new material with unique properties and characteristics. From heat exchangers to coinage, bimetallic have a wide range of practical

  • applications. We’ll delve into the science behind bimetallic, including how they are manufactured and what gives them their impressive thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. We’ll also discuss the latest advancements in bimetallic technology and their potential impact on aerospace engineering, automotive manufacturing, and other industries.

  • Join us as we take a closer look at the world of bimetallic materials and discover the innovative solutions they can provide. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more fascinating videos on materials science and engineering.


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Have you considered adding subtitles? Your video looks interesting, but my Arabic is a little rusty :wink:


ok sure that is good advice and I’m glad you liked the video thank you

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