I only learned Blender over the last few months and this is my first real scene without a tutorial helping me along. Missing some of the “reality” which I think is due to lighting. Still happy with the general modelling. I would appreciate any feedback.

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Hi Neil,

I recommend to you if you have a lamp lighting set, I suggest that you replace it outdoors with scene lighting using HDRI or Sky texture. You will see much better detail in the reflections. If you have a lamp in the scene when the lights are on, turn it off. If you want to illuminate it with a lamp, I would turn the shadows to the right so that the light on the bike falls from the left.

It is Eevee render?

And I would add foot pedals :wink:

I hope I helped you a little


Thank you very much for the inputs, I really appreciate getting peoples feedback. I have done a bit more work to the image but agree lighting still needs work. For a day scene I am going to play with HDRI and as you say see if the reflections improve.
On the pedals, good spot :slight_smile: These are actually called Speedplay pedals, just look like small lollypops, don’t really come out well on the angle though I agree…

Thanks again for taking the time - really appreciate it.

Hi Neil, nice work, nice bike.

Now I can see a pedals. It was a important detail for me for ride on a bicycle :grinning:

I see a nice work on the night light - I think a spotlight. Maybe you may want it that way, but one-color light equals one-color reflection. It’s a exterior scene on the street. Leave the setting as it is and try turning on the HDRI with a light value of somewhere 0.1 or less just for refflections. It may not be a night render but a twilight render. It’s worth trying. And try it render in Cycles render engine.

But for me, there is a bit of a problem with the background wall and its process material. I see too many voronoi textures and the cracks are too wide for me and I see that they are some kind of texture. Don’t want to try using a photo wall texture? Or do you want to go the procedural material? If yes, then I would try to reduce the scale of the material and it might be okay.

I have not a this feel with your road and path way they are fine with a nice material scale.

Only for inspiration I get you some renders of my Jet-Bike only for refflections on it.
Here is a visible difference of reflections on Eevee render and the cycles render

Eevee render

Cycles render

In this scene I was using a 3 lights - in three directions. One was white, one was blue and one was cyan.
The location of the lights can be seen here

It may help you with lights. Of course, you don’t have to follow my recommendations

I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with these informations.

Nice work, I keep my fingers crossed.

WOW, that is amazing. I love the atmospheric feel you have managed to get on that jetbike. It’s fantastic and great inspiration to get my lighting right.
Completely get your point on the wall texture, I was keen to create a procedural texture but think I got carried away with the scale, the cracks are a bit too much, I’ll look at scaling things down.
I had a quick play earlier and adding an HDRI at a very low value does help to fill the scene, I was concerned it would stop the bike from “popping” but it simply helps to increase the realism so thanks for that.
Once again, fantastic work, I love that image - are the textures mainly procedural in nature? (final question - promise), in your external scenes what do you use for your vegetation / trees, an add-on or all your own blood, sweat and tears ? :slight_smile:


If you mention textures on my jet bike, yes they are procedural.

Here are some setups, maybe help you.

For a nature scenes I use a photo based textures.

I use mainly a Botaniq addon for vegetation and grass.
What I need from perrenials I model by myself.

Good luck and happy blending :slight_smile:

Massively helpful, thank you very much.

Stay safe

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