Big Astronomy / Astronomía a Gran Escala World Premiere this Saturday (in english y español)

Hello Blender friends.

The planetarium show, Big Astronomy / Astronomía a Gran Escala, will be premiering next Saturday. Since planetarium theaters are closed right now, you can watch a live 360 degree stream of it, followed by a behind-the-scenes talk with the production crew.

The film is about some of the great observatories in Chile, the people who work there, and some of the discoveries they have made.

We used Blender 2.83 to re-create several of the beautiful Chilean landscapes where some of these observatories live, including the locations for ALMA (Atacama Desert), Vera R. Rubin & Gemini telescopes (Cerro Pachon), and Blanco telescope (Cerro Tololo).

It is our first foray into fulldome documentary filmmaking, and fisheye video was shot on location in 2019.

The production was funded by the United States National Science Foundation and the fulldome film was produced at the California Academy of Sciences Visualization Studio in San Francisco. When planetariums are safe to open again, this show will be free-of-charge (except for a small distribution fee to pay for materials) for any planetarium venue interested. Check out:

World Premiere followed by Making-of and Q&A with Viz Studio
Saturday, 9/26 at 12pm

World Premiere (spanish)
Saturday, 9/26 at 2pm

World Premiere (english)
Saturday, 9/26 at 5pm

World Premiere (english)
Saturday, 9/26 at 7pm