Big Bad Gun

I working on a sniper and was wondering if any of you smart fellows had some advice of this low peasant!
Any advice is good advice! Hope you guys like it!


I’d say the main thing to look at is the composition - if I cut off the right third or even the entire right half of the picture, it seems more interesting. As it is, you have this light on the right which draws your eye
away from all the interesting bits over to a plain wall, and then out of the picture entirely.

Maybe try to angle the camera a bit to the left, to position the horns/red box on the upper right third, and the scope of the rifle down on the lower left third. You can switch on ‘thirds’ in the ‘composition guides’ dropdown in the Viewport Display section of the camera settings:


Other than that, I really like modelling, lighting and texturing of everything over on the left!

Ok, I tried that, but you tend to look at the toolbox more and it makes the image lest dramatic I guess. I don’t know how to explain it… but it just looks meh compared to this view. I did try to change some of the backdrop stuff which helped a bit

I think it is the lack of something on the right side. I think the angle is perfect but you need something subtle on the right so it breaks the empty space. Maybe put a painting on the wall that is half in the scene and half out or maybe even an out of focus chair or stool?

oh, that could work! I think i’ll try a beaten up swivel chair.
Thank you so much for the idea!!!

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Not a problem!! Please share what you do add I’d love to see it! :smile::+1:t3:

Yeah I can picture that - I think that would balance it out nicely!

It’s not clear why the center window is clear while the other ones are frosted. It might be a nice touch to show ‘wipe marks’ on the center window to show the sniper cleared it to get a good shot. Also the frosting seems a bit too uniform. Maybe it could look a bit more like this:

I do love the idea of frosting the windows like that! The reason the middle window isn’t frosty is because I actually took it out. I wanted to give the appearance that the missing window is where the gun sticks out when it’s being fired.
I’m definitely going to retexture my windows after seeing your picture of frosted windows! Ill probably try to come up with something for the middle window too. If you have any ideas I’d be glad to hear them!

Here is the image re rendered with a stool! It looks a ton better! thank you some much for your ideas!

Awesome I love it!! :+1:t3: